Why choose GOCLEAN car steamer 4.0?

According to the global trend, more and more people aware the water resource protection. The steam car wash is replacing the water car wash, as we all know, the steam car wash consumes very little water, no sewage discharge, energy-saving and environmental friendly.

GOCLEAN was equipped with double guns, dry & wet steam gun for interior and exterior cleaning, it assures car wash safety. And GOCLEAN is the only one that the double guns can be used at the same time.

Physical cleaning with steam is an optimal cleaning method. Compared to other machines, GOCLEAN’s pressure was set as 6-8 kg/cm2, its temperature is 60℃~ 130℃, the most suitable pressure and temperature for car body cleaning and bacteria killing. Not only the exterior cleaning, but also the interior bad smell and bacteria killing, car air conditioner sterilization, engine compartment cleaning…. provide you a healthier, safer, more comfortable driving environment.

Steam cleaning car interior

It has a strong scouring force, plus the temperature of the water vapor to make the pollutants expand by heat, after being impacted by steam pressure. The flaking will be degraded and blown away immediately with the jet steam. Use the dry steam for engine compartment cleaning without chemicals to avoid the engine wiring aging.

Steam cleaning car engine before and after

GOCLEAN steam car wash machine, focuses on car bacteria killing, your health protection master. Provide you a fresh driving experience.

The GOCLEAN steam car washer, the average consumption is 2L water & 2KW/H electricity for car washing, no chemicals, no damage to human body, cars, environment…… No need to do the waste water treatment, because the steam will disappear on the ground. lower cost and higher profit.

Comparison of before and after steam cleaning of car wheels

GOCLEAN not only focus on the cleaning effect, but also the quality and safety. Other machines use diesel to support the machine work, noisy and air pollution, and the boiler is easy to scale hard for maintenance… All of these are not safe.

GOCLEAN was all made of stainless steel, we use the water tank and generator to replace the the boiler, just the electricity can operate the machine. No noise and no air pollution, easy for maintenance. It was equipped with 10 safety devices for safety assurance.

GOCLEAN steam car wash machine, your car care master !