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GOCLEAN 16 Bar 220V/DC 48V Diesel High-pressure Dry & Wet Double Gun Mobile Steam Car Wash Machine 6.0

16 bar steam pressure, Mobile cleaning, Dry & wet steam, Intelligent system, Killing bacteria, Battery version option

  • Brand: GOCLEAN
  • Model Number: 6.0
  • Power resource: Diesel
  • Steam Pressure: 10-16 bar
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Certificate: CE, SGS


Quick Details

Product name:
Diesel Steam Car Wash Machine
Steam hose/gun:
2 sets/10m
Highest steam temp:
Water Tank Volume:
17L (supply and external water connection)
Type of water:
Tap water or filtered water
Water Consumption:
5 L/per car cleaning
830 x 670 x 950mm
Single package size:
895 x 750 x 1080mm
Mobile Car Washer
Output Power:
AC 220V(customized)/DC 48V option
Steam Tube:
-60℃ to +260℃
1 year
Diesel Tank Volume:
17 L
120 kg
Single gross weight:
150 kg

A new arrival for mobile commercial steam car wash business

GOCLEAN Diesel Steamer uses diesel as its power source, so it is to support the development of mobile car wash business. The high-temperature (195°C) high-pressure (16 bar) steam it generates can quickly clean the vehicle. It only needs water and diesel oil, and does not use chemicals. Dry and wet steam can be used interior and exterior cleaning the car. High-temperature steam can deodorize and sanitize, giving you a comfortable, safe, and pleasant driving experience.

  • High quality
    GOCLEAN all accessories and parts are industrial standard materials, to ensure the powerful steam and durability of the machine.

  • Healthier
    Microbes are killed by heat, without any chemical, make the driving experience much cleaner and healthier.

  • Much Safer
    GOCLEAN 6.0 have 12 safety systems that guarantee safe operating, ensure zero accident.

  • Wet& Dry steam
    GOCLEAN 6.0 patented dry and wet steam separator, one machine for the interior and exterior cleaning.

  • Higher pressure
    Max pressure reaches 16bar, can wash the car faster and better
  • Boiler Insulation system
    Excellent temperature protection system, consumption less than 5 degree per hour, saves electric energy, provides continuous rich and powerful steam during working.

  • Smarter control system
    Artificial intelligence-enabled by the internal CPU monitors and controls mechanical and electrical operations of the machine. It will remind you to do maintenance
  • Our promise
    30 days on approval, 365 days replacement, Lifetime technical supports


We offer innovative cleaning machines that are incredibly useful for a wide range of cleaning services. Our equipment can be used in car washes, industrial cleaning, cleaning in hotels and restaurants, cleaning of public spaces, of public transport, etc. Our cleaners use superheated steam as the main cleaning agent.

Engine Steam cleaning

Car Exterior Steam Cleaning

Car Interior Steam Cleaning

Factory equipment oil steam cleaning

Kitchen oily steam cleaning

Steam cleaning & disinfection of farms

GOCLEAN 6.0 Accessories

GOCLEAN 6.0 Accessories

Wooden carton/Apply seaworthy packing

Wooden carton/Apply seaworthy packing

1. The machine will be covered a air bubble film to avoid damage in transit.
2. The machine covered with air bubble film will be firmly fixed to a wooden pallet.
3. Putting the fixed machine in packing container and strong packing will ensure the against any possible damage during transit.

GOCLEAN Electric Steamer 4.0GOCLEAN Diesel Steamer 6.0
Packing size765 x 615 x 1080mm895 x 750 x 1080mm
Packing weight130kgs150kgs


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