You must have experienced your car like this?

Can you IMAGINE some places of your car like this?

Kingkar automotive steam cleaner
Kingkar automotive steam cleaner

Here comes a new concept -- GOCLEAN steam car wash machine

which can help your cars can be cleaned within 7 minutes without any chemicals and additives!!

GOCLEAN steam car washer

Widely application, use dry steam and wet steam cleaning separately and safely, 360o comprehensive cleaning, 100% guarantee the cleaning effect.

Keep car body from scale

Keep car body without scale

not hurt the paint

NO harm to car paint

Reducing plastic parts aging

Reducing plastic parts aging effectively

Clean cars in 360o comprehensively cleabni

360o comprehensively car cleaning

Avoid car from car rust

Avoid car from rusting

Save energy, environmentally

Save energy, ECO-Friendly

After do GOCLEAN business, some customers attractive by GOCLEAN and come to my shop for car detailing service, now we are the hottest one on the street, and our competitors closed in last month.


GOCLEAN machines are good, my customers like them. Now I am cooperate with a big cleaning company, they repeated orders with us every month. GOCLEAN is a very profitable business.


Once GOCLEAN use in my shop, we saved 1,100 US dollars for water bill in one year, and saved 1,200 US dollars for chemical bill every month. In 2 months, the investment come back. Thank GOCLEAN.


Start and expand your business from GOCLEAN car steamer

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