Cooperate with GOCLEAN gives you surprise

In 1922, the International Cooperative Union decided to designate the first Saturday in July each year as the “International Day of Cooperatives” .

Collaboration festivals may feel unfamiliar, but collaboration in life and work is ubiquitous. In nature, there are geese flying together and ants living together in cooperation. As human beings, we cannot survive without cooperation with each other. People combine wisdom, hands, and strength to develop together and create miracles, which is almost omnipotent. This is something that cannot be done by a single person.

Cooperation is happy and efficient, and it is a manifestation of unity and beauty. Teamwork can save time, improve work efficiency, and better take advantage of others, make up for one’s own shortcomings, and reach the other side of success better and faster. Mutual cooperation will enable human beings to learn to be independent, enterprising, have the spirit of unity and dedication, and enhance the sense of responsibility of mankind.

On the occasion of this festival, GOCLEAN Bring you brand agency benefits. As you know, GOCLEAN is looking for the exclusive distributor, the first one will be the Only one. We also will provide supports to make the long term WIN-WIN cooperation between us.

About the market:

First, the market protection file will be published among our company, we will not sell GOCLEAN machines to anyone else in your market, but also the exclusive distributor authorized certificate will be issued upon the order confirmed. and with the distributor agreement.

Second, all the customers from your market will be transferred to you to follow. It will be more convenient for you to show the Demo and delivery goods to customers.

About the after service :

All of our team will service for you for the whole cooperation time and machine lifetime,  such as Sales team, After service team, Shipping department team, Marketing team, Engineers… Etc.

Local support: Visit your company to discuss about the marketing, our engineer can teach your staff to do the maintenance and tips for cleaning demo.

Such as in  2019, we visit Philippines distributor office when the order arrived, we will visit you as well if possible( due to covid-19, this is limited now)

like below Our CEO Mr. Steven, Marketing department manager Ms.Lily, Engineer Mr. Yang, Sales manager Ms. Kelly be warmly welcomed.

About the promotion:

Kingkar has the big marketing team with more than 3years experience and for different products promotion.

We will support you to pay for the market promotion and get customers inquiry and transfer to you.

  1. Firstly, Mr.Leo will design the customized materials for you and Ms.Yaya will design the customized videos for you
  2. Mr. James in charge of Google, we will open the paid advertisement in your country and market to promote the GOCLEAN
  3. Ms. Nancy will add advertisement of your market in Alibaba platform
  4. Mr Chris will add advertisement of your market in Made-In-China platform
  5. Ms. Floy will help build the Facebook page and promote for you , at the same time, she will focus on the marketing in Algeria.

To know the competitor and market trend. she is our brand manager, in charge of the social media promotion of GOCLEAN.

With your strength and ambition, coupled with our various supports, we believe we can cooperate very well.

Let ‘s work together and achieve a win-win cooperation between us during the International Day of Cooperatives!