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GOCLEAN FAQs2022-04-13T17:32:08+08:00

GOCLEAN FAQs ( GOCLEAN steamer frequently asked questions )

GOCLEAN FAQs ( GOCLEAN steamer frequently asked questions )

KingKar strives to educate our customers, both potential and current, on the purchase, operation and maintenance of our GOCLEAN steamer products. We have gathered our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) into categories for your convenience. If however you still can’t find an answer to your question, please contact us.

Attentions when GOCLEAN machine delivery and receiving2022-04-19T17:26:35+08:00

1st, Kingkar will check with the forwarder about the airline or shipping line are available,
2nd, Pay attention to the COVID-19 situations in the country of destination, know the government policies,
3rd, Find reliable export and import agents for customs clearance, consult with customers about the delivery solution, and deliver the machine to customer in safe.

Can GOCLEAN be shipped out? what is lead time ?2022-04-19T17:26:28+08:00

Nowadays the GOCLEAN production lines resumed normal operation, we can arrange for delivery and export in time. When the order quantity less than 5 machines, the lead time within 5 working days; when the order quantity more than 5 machines, the lead time within 20 working days.

Is any special offer if order during COVID-19 period?2022-04-19T17:25:32+08:00

Yes, in order to support COVID-19, KingKar group with some special offers to customers before May 2020. Such as a longer Guarantee period, Free spare parts, Free machine,s and so on. For more details, please contact GOCLEAN for more details.

Where GOCLEAN can be used for sterilization?2022-04-19T17:24:56+08:00

GOCLEAN apply to commercial and industrial using, such as car cleaning and sterilization, office building cleaning and sterilization, hospital cleaning and sterilization, aircraft cleaning and sterilization, restaurant cleaning and sterilization, and so on.

Is GOCLEAN Steamer can kill other bacteria or virus?2022-04-19T17:24:24+08:00

As we know damp-heat sterilization is more effective than dry heat because of its high permeability, some bacteria and viruses cant’ stand high temperatures. The temperature of the steam out from the GOCLEAN machine is around 120℃, which can kill some bacteria and viruses.

Is GOCLEAN Steam Car Wash Machine can kill COVID-19?2022-04-19T17:23:14+08:00

Coronaviruses can’t live more than 30 minutes under the environment temperature is 56℃ (132.8℉), the higher temperature with less alive time. Regardless of temperature please follow ChinaCDC guidance for cleaning and disinfection (www.chinacdc.cn). Generally, coronaviruses survive for shorter periods of time at higher temperatures and higher humidity than in cooler or dryer environments. However, we don’t have direct data for this virus, nor do we have direct data for a temperature-based cutoff for inactivation at this point. The necessary temperature would also be based on the materials of the surface, the environment, etc. Regardless of temperature please follow CDC’s guidance for cleaning and disinfection.

GOCLEAN uses high-temperature steam for cleaning and disinfection, the temperature inside of the machine reaches 165℃ to 195℃, the temperature out the steam gun around 120℃.

What is the condition to be the distributor?2022-04-19T17:22:14+08:00

City distributor: 5 units MOQ and 30 units per year.
Exclusive distributor:14 units MOQ and 100 units per year.
Please download and fill the distributor application form, and send back to us.

GOCLEAN car steamer packaging before shipment2022-04-19T17:20:07+08:00

Wooden carton/Apply seaworthy packing

  1. The machine will be covered a air bubble film to avoid damage in transit.
  2. The machine covered with air bubble film will be firmly fixed to a wooden pallet.
  3. Putting the fixed machine in a packing container and strong packing will ensure the against any possible damage during transit.
How much is the importing tax to bring the GOCLEAN steam car washer into my country?2022-04-19T17:17:52+08:00

Import regulations and customs tariff and taxes differ greatly per country. For most countries, customs tariff rate is set differently based on the total invoice value, country of origin and HS code (harmonized system code) of imported goods.
For your reference, the HS code for GOCLEAN steam car washer is 84243000. Please consult with your local Customs for more information.

How long does shipping take?2022-04-19T17:16:19+08:00

It usually depends on your country and destinations. And which kinds of transportation you choose.

Estimated delivery time via Air : 3 ~ 7 days
Estimated delivery time via Sea : 5 ~ 45 days

How can I purchase? I am an international buyer.2022-04-19T17:15:33+08:00

KingKar has an extensive network. If there is no distributor in your area, we will work with you to deliver your order to a main port (seaport or airport) in your country.

Do you buy back or sell used machines?2022-04-19T17:14:09+08:00

KingKar does not buy back or sell used machines.

Do you offer leasing or financing?2022-04-19T17:13:21+08:00

No, we do not lease products or offer financing options currently.

If there is no technical center around me, what should I do when I need technical support?2022-04-19T17:12:53+08:00

Please contact our after-sales support team ( Service Manager: Ms. Yuki +86 138 7597 4739 Whatsapp, Skype, Viber ) and leave your service requirements by visiting Service Request on our website or calling us directly.

Can I replace parts with ones I can get in my local market?2022-04-19T17:11:50+08:00

Yes, but we will supply the double easy – broken parts for you to make sure. For the main part, we can ship to you directly within warranty time. We recommended you can consult with your specific after – sales worker first or existence local distributor beforehand. We will suggest you a specific brand or parts you can obtain in your local market to get rid of unapproved parts damaging the machine.

What are the precautions to take if used in cold weather?2022-04-19T17:10:26+08:00

Especially There is warm temperature protection device inside the GOCLEAN steam car washer, the cold weather will not freeze, will not affect the use.
Commonly freeze prevention must be taken under the cold weather circumstances. Remove remaining water from the steam generator after daily use when temperature is very low. Room temperature is perfect for storage.
Somehow machine was left outside and turned out frozen unexpectedly, defrost it first before operating. Detailed information is included in the user’s Manual.

What kind of water is recommended to use with GOCLEAN steam car washer?2022-04-19T17:08:56+08:00

Tap water directly, soft water is better.

What is the size of GOCLEAN?2022-04-19T17:08:20+08:00

GOCLEAN 4.0 Electric Steamer: 550 * 680 * 940 mm
GOCLEAN 6.0 Diesel Steamer: 830 * 670 * 950 mm

How much GOCLEAN can be in a container?2022-04-19T17:07:33+08:00

14 sets in 20-inch container; 28 sets in 40-inch container

Will GOCLEAN steam car washer be compatible with electrical power standards in my country?2022-04-19T17:07:00+08:00

KingKar can supply GOCLEAN steam car washer that is compatible with most of your national electrical voltage and frequency. And also can be customized to your order.

How noisy is GOCLEAN steam car washer in operation?2022-04-19T16:32:04+08:00

Compared to conventional pressure washers, GOCLEAN steam car washer has very low noise level.

Is it possible and recommended to add chemicals to the tank?2022-04-19T16:31:12+08:00

No, GOCLEAN steamer clean cars without chemical, and do not recommend to add it to the tank

Can I use GOCLEAN steam car washer where there is no electricity access?2022-04-19T16:29:57+08:00


First, you can buy a generator to power the machine.
Second, GOCLEAN diesel steamer has the battery version, you can prepare a 48V battery to power the machine when there is no electricity access.

Are there any hidden costs?2022-04-19T16:28:46+08:00

No, never! Just the cost of the steam cleaner and you are free! You simply buy one of our world class vapor steam cleaning systems and you are free to work. No fees, no charges, no hidden costs. All you need is one of our steam cleaners, some water and a pile of common every day terry towels or micro-fiber towels that you can purchase just about anywhere. The rest is up to you.

How much water is consumed per car wash (sedan)?2022-04-19T16:27:24+08:00

Generally each car cleaning by GOCLEAN steam car washer only takes 5 liters of water.
Of course, there are many factors to determine water consumption, like automobile size or dirtiness of vehicle, user’s skill, climate condition and others.
When you wash a car: you spray, you stop and wipe and do other things at the period. We have found that a typical wash consumes about 5 liters of water.

How long does it take to wash a car using GOCLEAN steam car washer?2022-04-19T16:24:43+08:00

Generally 10 minutes around. One of our customers told us: he just took 7 minutes to clean 1 car before.

Cleaning time is up to many aspects:

    1. which level you want to clean: simple exterior cleaning; exterior & interior together cleaning; 360℃ comprehensive cleaning.
    2. How dirty the car is
    3. How well you use the GOCLEAN ( Operator skills )

Most of our customers after get familiar with GOCLEAN machine, clean quick and business goes good. Some customers says they can clean 60 – 120 cars per day, sometimes even more.

Is steam car wash effective when cleaning a very dirty car?2022-04-19T16:23:28+08:00

GOCLEAN steam car washer with enough high pressure and temperature steam makes car cleaning well. The heat of the pressurized steam helps break down caked-on dirt and grime on vehicle surface very quickly and efficiently. Besides, GOCLEAN steam car washer wet steam can soften dirty things in several second, then you can mop it clean.

Can I clean vehicle interiors with steam?2022-04-19T16:22:01+08:00

The GOCLEAN steam car washer has two kinds of steam: dry & wet. GOCLEAN dry steam focus on car interior cleaning. Using less water to clean the surface, killing the bacterial and remove the bad smell. The dry steam can be dried within minutes.

How long do I have to wait to wash the next car after one wash?2022-04-19T16:21:16+08:00

GOCLEAN steam car washer can support 24 hours non-stop working. Then no waiting time needed between 2 cars cleaning period. GOCLEAN is designed to activate with electricity so the pump automatically to have enough steam ready for wash at any given time.

What is the operational cost for washing a vehicle with the GOCLEAN steam car washer?2022-04-19T16:20:09+08:00

In general, washing a car only consumes about 2-5 liters water, 2KW/H electricity and about 10 minutes of manpower.
Costs of electricity, water and labor differ greatly per country also will affect the final cost. In end, income will be many times more than cost.

Will high heat damage vehicle’s surface?2022-04-19T16:18:11+08:00

When washing a vehicle using the GOCLEAN steam car washer, the tip of the spray gun is held 10-15 cm away from the surface of the vehicle. At this distance the steam temperature is below 65~85℃ and will not cause damage to the vehicle’s body paint. Steam quickly loosens dirt. During normal washing operations, steam will only make contact with a particular surface for fraction of a second, not long enough to cause damage.

When done correctly it is absolutely safe on both the wax coating and the paint! Just open the GOCLEAN car washer and using a microfiber or terry towel and the power of the steam, wipe the car clean! This method is considered by many to be safer than traditional car washes spinning brushes slapping against and buffing your car.

What parts of the vehicle do you avoid with steam?2022-04-19T16:16:11+08:00

Do not use steam on radios, speakers, dash board displays or on exposed electrical components. Also avoid leaving hot steam hoses on heat sensitive materials such as vinyl for an extended period of time.

Can steam remove brake dust, grease and decals from a vehicle’s surface?2022-04-19T16:15:36+08:00

Yes, GOCLEAN steam car washer can quickly and effectively remove brake dust, tough stains, grease, odors and other contaminants from a variety of surfaces without chemicals. Simply hold the steam gun over a particular surface until the contaminants are completely removed.


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