Operation & Training ( Easy installation )

Operation & Training ( Easy installation )

GOCLEAN service team provide the preventation operation training service, help customers install and operate the machine easily and avoid the unexpected shutdown and prolong life time of GOCLEAN steamer.

GOCLEAN 4.0 Electric Steamer Operation

GOCLEAN 6.0 Diesel Steamer Operation

Dos and Don’ts

Before turning on your steamer

Always do the following

  • Wear protective gear: gloves, eye protection, ear protection (NRR: 25 dB)
  • Use softened water -or- water below 40 ppm TDS
  • Use clean and reliable diesel( 6.0)
  • Always keep the steamer on level ground
  • Engage the wheel brake during operation
  • Check that the grounding chain is on hard ground, not an insulated material like rubber or foam
  • Close both Steam Outlet Valves and the Boiler Drain Valve
  • Make sure you have adequate ventilation
  • Do your homework regarding local codes, regulations, laws, restrictions and ordinances regarding the use of commercial equipment and operating businesses

Never do the following

  • Don’t put anything on top of the machine.

  • Don’t use your foot to open or close valves. This can result in leaking valves.

  • Don’t put additives, chemicals, or fragrances in either tank. This is not working due to the high temperature.

  • Don’t run the diesel machines under structures or inside a vehicle without a vent. The heat can easily damage overhangs and kill trees.

  • Don’t attach exhaust systems directly to the flue. This will result in melting top covers.

While operating your steamer

Always do the following

  • Allow your machine to reach full pressure at start up
  • Open steam outlet valves when the machine is ready for use
  • Spray steam guns to release built-up water in hose before spraying on surfaces
  • Test steam on materials in an inconspicuous place before cleaning to make sure it is safe
  • Start steamer in dry steam mode with Moisture Control Valve closed
  • Only set the moisture higher than the min value to avoid the dry burning(6.0)

  • Stop machine and observe all warning lights when buzzer goes off
  • If you won’t be using the spray guns for more than 5 minutes, close the steam outlet valves
  • If the machine won’t be in use for longer periods of time, turn off the machine

Never do the following

  • Don’t spray towards people, pets, plants.

  • Don’t step on or run over steam hoses with cars or heavy equipment. This can break the hose’s Teflon core.

  • Don’t pull machine by the steam hose. This can cause the hoses to leak.

  • Don’t move the machine while it’s running. This can damage the machine.

  • Don’t spray back into tanks or into machine. This can damage the machine.

  • Don’t spray into electronics. Condensation can damage electronics if not allowed to dry.

  • Don’t spray steam into vents or areas where contents can’t be seen. Many modern vehicles hide electronics and other instruments inside of vents. If you don’t know exactly what you are steaming, don’t risk it.

  • Don’t attempt to tamper with the machine’s settings or safety features to change performance. This is dangerous and potentially fatal. Kingkar and it’s Authorized sellers bare no responsibility for altering the machine’s features or neglecting to operate the machine in accordance with the Operator’s Manual.

  • Don’t bypass alarms or sensors. If there is an Alarm being signalled, stop and refer to the Operator’s Manual.

When Shutting down your steamer

Always do the following

  • Turn off the “STEAM” Switch first and allow the exhaust fan to stop running if it is on.
  • Turn off the “POWER” switch and unplug the machine.
  • Close both Steam Outlet Valves.
  • Pull gun triggers to purge steam from hoses. Detach the steam hoses once no more steam comes out. Careful, the fittings will be very hot.
  • Open the Steam Outlet Valves and allow the pressure of the steamer to drop to 2 bar / 30 psi
  • Once the pressure is below 2 bar, open the Boiler Drain Valve and allow all boiling water to drain completely. This process can take up to 20 minutes.
  • Leave all valves open and store equipment in an area protected from weather conditions

  • If the temperature is getting cold in your area, follow the freeze prevention instructions in the manual to ensure no damage to the pipes and pump occurs