How is steam car wash better than traditional car wash

Steam car washing machine is a new way of car washing in recent years. Some people do not understand this method of car washing, do not know the difference between steam car washing and traditional car washing, and do not know the advantages of steam car washing. Today we compare the traditional high-pressure water gun for car washing with the steam car washing machine. Next, please follow in my footsteps to find out!

As we all know, the traditional car wash is a way of washing the car body by using a high-pressure water gun to clean the car body. The steam car wash transforms the original cold water spray washing into steam spray washing, which improves the shortcomings of traditional car washing machine wastewater and long car washing time.

The steam car washing machine uses the generated high-temperature steam to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Because the steam temperature is higher than that of normal temperature water, the moisture content in it is less, so when cleaning the surface of the equipment, it can quickly remove dust and evaporate a lot, without obvious water droplets. , Which creates a special cleaning function. When steam is used to clean the interior accessories of the car, the cleaning effect of the steam plays a major role at this time. The high-temperature steam will wash away the dust when it is sprayed on the dashboard and the air outlet of the air conditioner. The steam is very high due to the high temperature. It evaporates into the air in a short time, so that the surfaces of various parts of the car will not be exposed to water for a long time, and each minute part of the car will be cleaned, sterilized, disinfected, and deodorized with appropriate pressure and temperature. Achieve better car wash cleanliness.

In general, the steam car washing machine has the following differences compared with traditional high-pressure water gun washing:

1. Regarding Cleaning Time

Traditional water washing needs to complete five steps flushing, foaming, scrubbing, rinsing, and drying. The process is cumbersome and takes a long time. the steam car washing machine uses the principle of steam thermal degradation and uses gentle steam to adhere to The dirt on the surface of the car is combined, softened, expanded, and separated, and then the remaining dirt and a little water stain are removed with a clean rag. While steaming and drying, the car can be cleaned smoothly in one process. The number of people required to complete this process also has great advantages compared to traditional washing. Traditional washing requires at least two people to complete it. The steam car washing machine requires only one person because of its efficient cleaning and simple process.

2. Car cleaning performance

Traditional water washing is difficult to completely remove stubborn stains on the surface of the car body, and it is easy to cause scratches during the scrubbing process.

The steam car washer uses saturated steam under high temperature and high pressure to thermally degrade stains, particles, etc., and vaporize and evaporate them for disinfection. Decontamination kills two birds with one stone. Low-temperature steam is softer and can avoid damage to the paint surface caused by high-pressure water impacting sand particles.

Moreover, traditional water washing can only clean the car body and footpads, while the steam car washing machine can clean the air conditioner, engine, ceiling, sunroof, and interior decoration in a full range of dry steam without dead spots. The inner and outer parts are cleaned with dry and wet steam, and the effect is excellent!

What’s more, the steam car washing machine can steam sterilize the interior of the car to prevent various diseases. The soft steam will not scratch the car body, effectively eliminate the peculiar smell of leather, and effectively deodorize, especially the troublesome air conditioner. Difficult to wash parts of the mouth.

3. Specific consumption

Traditional washing water consumes a lot of water. A car will use 50-100 liters of water. The steam car washing machine only needs 5 liters of water, which is only one-twentieth. It saves water, does not pollute the environment, and does not require sewage treatment. In the system, the initial investment is small.

4. Better Customer Satisfaction

Traditional washing can only be done in-store and cannot provide door-to-door car washing services. Customers drive the car back and forth, wasting time and gasoline, while steam car washing machines are flexible and have no fixed floor space, which improves car owners’ satisfaction.

Through the above comparison, we can clearly see that the steam car wash has obvious advantages and good results. With the increase in the number of cars, the future car wash method will definitely improve the efficiency of the car wash, thereby saving personal time and saving water. Also in line with the development of the times. After all, water-saving and less pollution are in line with the trend of environmental protection. With the continuous technological improvement and equipment upgrades, the method of steam car washing will surely enter more and more people’s lives, gain more recognition and adaptation.

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