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KingKar Eco-Technologies Co., Ltd., a professional steam car washing machine manufacturer in China, famous for its “GOCLEAN Steamer” brand. With its advanced technology and after-sales service system, it has supplied machines to more than 60 countries.

We have professional research, mechanical design, production, sales and management teams. After more than 20 years of development, KingKar has 19 invention patents, 35 utility model patents, 1 American invention patent, 8 domestic and foreign appearance patents, more than 100 Chinese registered trademarks, and more than 50 international registered trademarks.

GOCLEAN Steamer Products

GOCLEAN Steamer produce high temperature and high-pressure steam for cleaning, no chemicals, and dry steam and wet steam can be used at the same time for car interior and exterior cleaning.

GOCLEAN Applications

You can use a vapor steam cleaner to clean glass, auto upholstery, carpets, leather, wheels, grills, door jambs and more.

Clean the car with GOCLEAN

Door-to-door steam cleaning car

Airplane cleaning with steam

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Why choose GOCLEAN Steamer

GOCLEAN provides the best technology, products and services. Let our customers remain competitive and leading in the Car Care industry in the market.


What our clients say about GOCLEAN Steamer…

Steam car wash

After do GOCLEAN business, some customers attractive by GOCLEAN and come to my shop for car detailing service, now we are the hottest one on the street, and our competitors closed in last month.


GOCLEAN machines are good, my customers like them. Now I am cooperate with a big cleaning company, they repeated orders with us every month. GOCLEAN is a very profitable business.


Once GOCLEAN use in my shop, we saved 1,100 US dollars for water bill in one year, and saved 1,200 US dollars for chemical bill every month. In 2 months, the investment come back. Thank GOCLEAN.


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