What is a steam car wash?

The steam cleaning is a flexible cleaning. The principle of steam thermal degradation is used to combine, soften, inflate and separate the dirt adhering to the surface of the car with gentle steam, and then remove the remaining dirt and a few water stains with a clean rag. Steam cleaning helps In the protection of the paint, crevice cleaning, and low water content does not damage the circuit, can effectively clean the car engine, instrument panel, air conditioning, and other parts; while steam washed, while drying, a process can be successfully cleaned the car, The operation is simpler and faster.

There are many ways to clean a car, each has its own advantages and disadvantages; however, steam cleaning is the cleaning method that is most conducive to the protection of automobile paints, is the most widely used cleaning method, and is the most conducive to environmental protection.

What is a steam car wash

Steam car wash features

  • Save water, no pollution, protect the environment.
  • Flexible, no fixed footprint.
  • No sewage treatment system is required and the initial investment is low.
  • The community can operate without stores, with less investment and quicker results.
  • Can provide door-to-door monthly service, improve vehicle owner satisfaction.
  • One person cleans a car in ten minutes with high work efficiency.
  • Deep decontamination of the car surface, car wash clean and thorough.
  • Steam sterilization inside the car to prevent various diseases.
  • Soft steam will not grind the body.
  • Effectively eliminate leather odor.
  • Effective deodorization, especially for hard-to-wash parts of the air conditioning.
  • The high temperature steam effectively decomposes the oil and can clean the car engine.
  • The steam quickly evaporates, leaving no residue and is not prone to water corrosion.
  • The operation is simple and convenient.

Applicable place for steam car wash

  • Vehicle exterior cleaning (No wastewater, no sewage treatment system).
  • Car dry cleaning (To odor, sterilization, antibacterial, disinfecting, and cleaning) and engine cleaning work.
  • Vehicle repair factories, car washes, car beauty shops, gas stations, transportation companies, etc.
  • Cleaning company, housekeeping service (Indoor steam disinfection, mattress cleaning, sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc.).
  • There are no noise pollution in shopping centers, communities, hotels, office buildings, railway stations, docks, airports and other large and medium-sized parking lots, which can be operated at night or in the morning.