Is it really work to use GOCLEAN steamer for heavy dirty car cleaning?

Nowadays, Using steam is definitely not the traditional way to clean cars, and it is even a way more effective. Some of the advantages of using steam on your car include that it does not damage sensitive engine components, it also uses less water per car making your next car wash faster and environmentally friendly. A steam car washes deeply sanitizes and gets into hard-to-clean places, it also prevents scratches and never leaves watermarks. This new way of cleaning cars is extremely effective and economical and will leave your car shining like never before.

But we noticed that many customers wonder how to use GOCLEAN steamer for a heavy dirty car cleaning in detail? Even every corner and every step.

Here I would like to briefly introduce you to the steps:

(1) How to clean car body

(2) What things should you prepare

(3) How to use GOCLEAN steamer and vacuum cleaner together

(4) How to use GOCLEAN steamer for car interior cleaning

(5) How to use GOCLEAN steamer sofa cleaning

Maybe this looks very abstract! But the good news is GOCLEAN will have a live show to show you and teach you how to use GOCLEAN for different car parts cleaning at 8:45 – 9:45 a.m, June 22, 2021, UTC + 8 Chinese time.

More than just washing large cars, we also will show you how to use GOCLEAN steamer with vacuum cleaner! And there will be many discounts in the live broadcast room! What are you waiting for? Lock the GOCLEAN live room and explore the mystery of a neat car washing machine with GOCLEAN!