How to car wash more environmentally

Generally, there are two cleaning methods used by everyone: one is chemical cleaning, and the other is physical cleaning.

Chemical cleaning is to using the chemical substances containing acid to clean the object to be cleaned. During the cleaning process, a chemical reaction is generated to peel off the pollutants to achieve the effect of cleaning and cleaning. Flowing to rivers and lakes will produce a large number of heavy metal substances, which will seriously deteriorate and worsen the water body and seriously threaten the human living environment. Therefore, chemical cleaning is not a desirable cleaning method.

However, physical cleaning is cleaning by steam generated under high temperature and high pressure. GOCLEAN does this without any chemical agent, and has become the first choice for environmental protection.

GOCLEAN steam car wash machine has two guns for users to clean, one can be used alternately with one wet and one wet. When cleaning the outside of the car, low-temperature steam is used, which does not exceed the limit temperature of car paint and rubber heating. So there is no harm to the car’s paint and rubber parts.

The advantages of GOCLEAN:

  1. No chemical cleaning agent is used, and the steam is physically decontaminated to ensure that the body is not corroded.
  2. GOCLEAN has low water consumption, only 2 liters of water is needed to clean a car, which saves 90% of water compared to other car washes, reflecting the energy-saving and environmental protection characteristics of GOCLEAN.
  3. It can decontaminate the car body and engine deeply, sterilize and disinfect the interior, and deodorize.
  4. The dry steam gun is softer to avoid the damage to the paint surface caused by the high-pressure water impacting the sand particles.
  5. Low-temperature steam avoids the problem of freezing in car washing in winter in some countries and regions.