Steam car wash is right the future trend

Steam car wash is right the future trend

With the rapid development of the automobile market, the scale of the car wash market continues to expand, especially the steam car wash market is growing. In recent years, the global market has been impacted. The development of steam car wash is influencing the traditional car wash industry strongly and continuously. Under the situation of globally promoting the “low-carbon energy-saving, green and environmentally-friendly” technological revolution, the new car wash model of steam car wash will surely become a new development trend.

Follow the market trend of energy saving and environmental protection

Traditional car wash way generally use high-pressure water guns to spray the body. On average, each car needs about 100~200 liters of tap water. During the cleaning process, foam residue and sewage flow are easy to cause water loss and chemical pollution, while steam washing the water is converted from a liquid state to a gaseous state, and then the high-pressure water vapor is sprayed onto the vehicle body. Therefore, the steam washing vehicle basically does not generate sewage, and the environment is better protected.

Suitable for a variety of application scenarios

Steam washing has the advantage of no pollution. It can be easily applied to various places such as residential areas, business districts, parking lots, gas stations, etc. It can realize the no-shop operation mode, and at the same time meet the needs of users to make online reservations and door-to-door car wash services. Solve the problem of high-cost and time-waste for the majority of users.

Able to operate at low cost

From an investment point of view, traditional car wash shops need to rent shops, purchase equipment and decoration, the input cost is at least 200,000, and there is no operational experience. The steam washing equipment starts with less capital investment. As long as a small amount of water and electricity costs are incurred in the operation process, after selecting the working place and negotiating cooperation with the relevant responsible department, and paying part of the expenses, it can be operated. At the same time, we can use the marketing methods such as online promotion to make the service faster and more user-friendly.And earn more!

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