99.99% Sterilization,GOCLEAN steamer to protect the home environment

The outbreak has to keep us at home, but how can we prevent disease by staying at home? If there is no ventilation for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria in the room. GOCELAN steamer does not require any chemical cleaning agent, high temperature steam sterilization.

The origin of steam, leading the 18th century industrial revolution

Speaking of steam engines, people often think of Watt, the inventor of the early industrial steam engines. However, tracing back to the roots, the true prototype of the steam engine was the “steam turn ball” invented by the ancient Greek mathematician Hilo in the first century AD: after the water boils High-temperature steam is ejected from the air outlets on both sides of the tube, thereby driving the wheel to rotate.

Although this achievement was not actually applied at that time, with the continuous development of industrial civilization, steam engines were manufactured and improved, and as power machines, they were widely used in mine drainage, machinery manufacturing, steam turbine drive and other fields The technological revolution in which machines replace manual labor. Therefore, until the beginning of the 20th century, it remained the most important prime mover in the world.

Steam cleaning, high temperature physical sterilization

On the one hand, GOCLEAN steam cleaner can be used for deep sterilization and disinfection-except for some heat-resistant bacteria, in general, when the bacteria encounter steam at a temperature of up to 100 degrees Celsius, the protein will be denatured, plus a certain As a result, conventional family bacteria are generally “caught and ran away”.

On the other hand, it can clean the surface dirt-the higher the temperature, the more intense the thermal movement of the molecules. Therefore, the high temperature of the steam itself can accelerate the molecular movement speed of the dirt surface;

Continuous innovation,ensure the health and safety of the family environment

If everyone thinks that all steam can be sterilized, it is a big mistake. Although the steam jet of most steam cleaners has a relatively high pressure at the beginning, after continuous injection for a while, the simple industrial design will cause the steam pressure to drop to a lower level, and the temperature will also decrease, which can only be used for dust removal can not do sterilization.

The GOCLEAN steam washing machine is different. The steam temperature of the GOCLEAN washing machine can not only reach more than 100 degrees Celsius, but also has a stable pressure, which can effectively remove bacteria and achieve deep cleaning and disinfection.

This year may not be so easy, but GOCLEAN steamer still hopes to make some contribution to people’s health and even sanitation through innovative steam technology and more professional cleaning technologies. Hope the haze dissipate as soon as possible, and wish you good health.

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