GOCLEAN is your helper, Save water, Make More money, Increase income and reduce expenditure

As a car wash shop owner,do you wash the car with high pressure water,hand wash?Then you are out.What is the most profitable way to wash the car?–Of course it is Steam car wash way.

You ask me why?Because the steam car wash way it more convenient and efficient.The most important is save money for owner.In business, we should increase income and reduce expenditure.About increase income:Steam car washing machine can be 360°comprehensive cleaning.About reduce expenditure:Steam car washing machine is absolutely your good helper.Have you calculated how many litres of water a day it takes to wash your car the traditional way?How much does it cost you a day.But when you get GOCLEAN STEAM CAR WASH MACHINE ,You can mostly reduce your costs per day.Firstly, wash the car body just need 2L water,if you wash 20 cars in one day, you just spend 40L water,right? If you still use the traditional way to wash the car, you need spend 1000L water, so big number.Even if the price of water in your country is cheap,but many a little makes a mickle,it is also a big costs,right?

uses only 1 bottle of water for car washing

As a customer,Why you choose the steam car wash way?Because it spend less water,Minimum damage to your car parts,And the car wash is convenient, the speed is natural fast, do not have to wait.Secondly,There is some car wash shop with steam car wash machine,spend less water,the ground is very clean,as for you, would you choose a clean shop or one full of sewage on ground?The customer liked it, and the car wash owner did more business.

Do you know why only need less water can wash clean up?First, there is a “furnace” inside the steam washing machine that heats the water to steam,in the sealed state, the liquefied steam is heated to steam again, using less water naturally.Second, The steam car washing machine makes use of the thermal decomposition function of steam to dissolve materials easily and then wash them away at high pressure,You can think of” hot water washing dishes” in the same way.

So the steam washing machine saves water, and it’s a government-sponsored way :Make money for you: Increase income and reduce expenditure.

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