steam car washer makes you driving new car every day

1. Car shiny than before
2. Only 2 L water to clean 1 car
3. Prolong car lifetime, prevent car parts from aging and rust
3. Wet & Dry support clean car exterior & interior at the same time


GOCLEAN steam car washer 2.0 was equipped with 10 safety devices born in 2014. The number of users in China has a significant increase because this machine greatly reduced customer safety concerns compared with 2011 market. The Steven team put the customer experience first. We made a return visit to existing customers in early 2016. Customer feedback is that the cleaning effect is good but the water steam and internal cleaning effect is not obvious.

The Steven team improved the steam car washer again for GOCLEAN 3.0. By the end of 2016. This time the improvement mainly for steam moisture content. We use the wet and dry separation technology for the moisture content of wet and dry steam has a significant change, especially dry steam is much drier, the inside cleaning effect has also been enhanced.

Business and after-sales service team and GOCLEAN 2.0 users made a product improvement recommendations forum from January to February 2016.

Car Fan R & D team improved the steam car washing machine again from March to the end of October. These include the following points:

1.How to use the dry and wet steam at the same time.

2.How to replace steam gun in the cleaning process, will not be high pressure to break, making the gun and steam pipe separation.

3.How to make inside clean obviously without chemicals.

Improved the following parts:

Product parts
Product improvement difficulties and solutions

Used: Steam pipe and steam gun are easier to detach because of high pressure.
Now: the injection screw hole more reliable, no need to worry about detach.
Pressure relief device
Used: Just one pressure relief device
Two pressure relief device
Now: Two pressure relief device to make the pressure out soon, zero accident.
2.0 pipe
Used: GOCLEAN 2.0 pipe is very easy to get heated.
3.0 pipe
Now: 3.0 steam pipe: Pressure resistance=12kg; Temperature resistance = 200℃
GOCLEAN steam car washer 3.0

Kingkar headquarters decided to launch GOCLEAN 3.0 officially in November 8, 2016

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