GOCLEAN is the only one bring no car paint damage

Without any chemicals
Best 60℃ for car cleaning


Nowadays, there are more and more cars, the car cleaning service is sharply increasing. The auto ownership in United States accounts for almost one fifth of that in the world, it is up to 200 million, with the average of one person charges two. According to the professional statistics, there are just 30 thousand car care workshops in the world. In USA, self car wash is populated. The car wash machines are widely set at gas station, high speed way service station, large parking lots, etc.

Firstly, those machines are generally with a higher cost with a large water consumption, there will be 6 billion water every year in the world with the traditional wash ways (It’s not reasonable for the countries with severe water shortage). We are looking for a equipment of less cost and energy.

Most of car owners think that the car paint will be hurt by the automatic or hand wash, so they expect a better machine. Steven is one of them, he is a hot fan on cars that focused on car care, and he always do the market research with Market Department, the Development Department in charge of the new technology research at the same time.

After Steven's first Land Rover paint was scratched during the first cleaning, he was determined to invent a new car washer: water-saving & no harm for paint.

Through more than three years of efforts, the development team worked out the GOCLEAN 1.0.

In April~September 2008, Steven called KINGKAR Market Department and Development Department together for a new program meeting, devote to produce a less water consumption of 80L car washer. This machine was born after many times of multiple offers and supports.

In October 10, Steven invited many directors of car workshops and 4s stores to witness the cleaning effect. Some customers said that 80L car washer can save some water, then no special, there is no strong purchase intention for them. After all, the water resources are very abundant and the price is cheap in China. Although the feedback on that day was good, Steven took the Mr. Wang’s words into his mind.

October 2008 - September 2009, based on the lack of machine features, KINGKAR related departments got together to develop the car washer.

In November 5~November 10, 2009. Steven met his Senior Mr. Xu in Summit Forum, They were best friends, Steven told Mr. Xu about his idea to develop the new products, Mr. Xu gave him lots of suggestions. Especially the concept of the steam car washing machine.

Kingkar automotive steam cleaner

In November 10, 2009 - December 8, 2009: Steven has been working closely with Mr. Xu on the Mini Steam Car Wash program.

Kingkar GOCLEAN Founder Steven

In January 1, 2010: The two partner reached a cooperation and signing ceremony

In March 08, 2010: The Car Fan research team, specializing in steam car washer, was founded.

In May 10, 2010 : Steam car wash machine project was officially started

In December 9, 2010: The first steam car wash machine was born

automotive steam cleaner GOCLEAN 1.0

In December 20, 2010: The first steam car washer was named as GOCLEAN 1.0

In 2011 January~March: Through multiparty review and reconfirmed of product safety testing; then put GOCLEAN 1.0 on the cooperation of the workshop to do the application test.

In March~May 2011: Collecting partner feedback on car wash effects ; R & D Department improved GOCLEAN 1.0, and Production Department produce the GOCLEAN 1.0.

In 2011 January~March: Through multi-access review and reconfirmed of product safety testing; then put GOCLEAN 1.0 on the cooperation of the workshop to do the application test.