After driving for ten years, I finally found the right way to wash the car.

As an old driver with a ten-year-old car, the car wash is really a big problem for me. I have to go to work every day, and I have to go to various training classes with my children on weekends. The company sometimes needs to travel, so there is no time to wash the car. Going to the car wash shop to wash the car, it takes more than half an hour to queue up for a car wash, and it takes too long. Although the automatic washing machine at the gas station is very quick to clean, the inside is not cleaned, the children often eat in the car. After a long time, there will be a taste in the car, and some food residues cannot be removed. The most important thing is the car that has been in operation for ten years. My car trunk and engine compartment have long been dusty, but there are a lot of circuits inside, and I dare not clean them easily. I can’t be satisfied with every car wash, there will always be problems like this.

Until one day, when I went to the car wash shop to wash the car, I saw a car wash shop next to the car washing machine with a machine called GOCLEAN steam car washing machine. They didn’t have a long queue on the other side, and they saw it used to clean the car’s engine compartment. I looked at the time and they spent about 10 minutes cleaning the entire car, including cleaning all parts inside and outside. And a lot of car wash steps are omitted.

Later, I went to the car wash shop to experience such a car wash service. I learned from the clerk that this GOCLEAN steam car washer does not need to use any chemicals. It only takes 2L of water to wash a car, which is very environmentally friendly. The key is that it can be sterilized when cleaning the interior of the car, clearing the stains of every dead corner. I really like this feature, because I hope that I can use my chemicals to sterilize my child before I can use it in a safe ride environment. My child always feels good and smells very uncomfortable. Also, he solved a big problem for me, thoroughly cleaning the entire engine compartment, the trunk, including the air conditioning port. After experiencing the service of a GOCLEAN steam car washing machine, I drove a car like a new car for ten years.

This time I finally found a car wash that I am satisfied with. I will only go to the car wash shop that washes the car with GOCLEAN steam car washing machine.

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