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GOCLEAN 4.0 Steam Car Washer
Is the expert of car cleaning

Simplify operations

The GOCLEAN steam car wash machine saves you valuable time and unnecessary stress by providing you all the solutions to your deep cleaning, stain-removing, sanitizing, and versatile detailing needs. Without the need for chemicals and additional appliances, GOCLEAN steam car wash is the innovation in car washing industry and encompasses the very essence of efficiency and versatility.

The GOCLEAN steam car wash machine can eliminate the need of the following: pressure washer, air compressor, wash mat, water reclamation system, over-sized water tank, waste tank, and most chemicals for degreasing, washing and rinsing.

Reduce costs

Low cost input: GOCLEAN steam car washer only cost you a little at the beginning compared to the tunnel machines, and no need to spend in place construction.

Low cost during process: GOCLEAN steam car wash machine cleaning each car just 2L water and 2 KWH electricity, save some cost when operation.

Low time consumption: GOCLEAN steam car washer is easy to operation, special designed for everyone operating it well when they first time saw it. And certainly we will provide the professional training before you purchase it.

GOCLEAN steam washer only takes 7 minutes to clean 1 car compared to the hands cleaning, save time and manpower.

reduce your costs

Widely application

GOCLEAN car steamer 360o comprehensive cleaning.

Car exterior cleaning
Car interior cleaning & air - conditioner
Car engine compartment cleaning
Car rim cleaning cleaning