What are the advantages of mobile steam car washing machines in the car washing market

The mobile steam car washing machine has been vigorously promoted and applied in the past two years. With the increasing number of vehicles, car washing shops are far from being able to meet the car washing needs of the majority of car owners. We all know that the business of car washing shops is extremely hot and the cars are dirty. When I go to the car wash shop to wash the car, I have to wait in line. Sometimes there is no place to park. The mobile steam car washing machine solves this problem. This mobile version of the steam car washing machine can make an appointment for door-to-door car washing services and can go to residential quarters and parking lots for car washing operations. In this way, the vehicles of the car wash shop are diverted, and the investment is less effective and there is no need to open a store to save a large part of the cost. The mobile steam car washing machine has become a major force in the car washing industry in urban communities and parking lots.

The mobile car washing machine adopts the “instantaneous vaporization” technology, the vaporization time is fast, and the cleaning effect is better. Moreover, it saves more than 90% of water than traditional high-pressure cleaning equipment and more than 20% of power consumption than boiler-type cleaning equipment. Steam cleaning equipment is highly energy-saving and pollution-free, and actively responds to the call for low-carbon, energy-saving, and environmental protection. . Multiple safety devices, automatic alarm, and control device functions including insufficient water or gas, pressure and temperature exceeding the set safety range, will automatically stop the operation of the equipment. Built-in safety gas valve to prevent gas leakage. Built-in pressure lamp, temperature lamp, etc., water shortage alarm, flameout alarm, digital power display, pressure display, working status at a glance. The product is equipped with four shock-absorbing casters to avoid damage to the machine when pushed.

Steam car wash is an entrepreneurial emerging project and car wash model, which fully meets the inner needs and ideas of consumers. Can do a mobile door-to-door car wash, caring service. The mobile car wash market will expand rapidly. It may also achieve a comprehensive reform of the car cleaning market. The company uses “instantaneous vaporization” technology and high-efficiency steam generators to create a series of products such as new steam car washing machines, steam washing machines, gas high-pressure mobile car washing machines, and micro-steam car washing machines, and three-wheel high-pressure car washing machines. Steam is an ideal cleaning method, which can avoid difficult-to-treat sewage and chemical lotions, and achieve the requirements of water saving, cleanness, dryness, and low cost, instead of traditional cleaning. Many disadvantages such as slow start-up, low safety, and easy fouling of the boiler body, such as the slow start-up of water heating and steam production, are discarded.

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