GOCLEAN Steam Car Washer

  • Model NO.: GOCLEAN 4.0
  • Brand: GOCLEAN
  • Machine size: 550mm*680mm*940mm
  • Net weight: 80KGS
  • Terms of payment: T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union, D/A, D/P, MoneyGram
  • Voltage:220V~380V customized
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Country of origin: China

GOCLEAN car steamer uses high temperature and high pressure steam for cleaning, it is the expert of car cleaning. Just use water and electricity, no chemicals. GOCLEAN car steamer with dry steam and wet steam for car interior and exterior cleaning at the same time. High temperature steam can deodorize and sanitize, give you a comfortable, safety and pleasant driving experience.


Cleaning Effect

Widely application, use dry steam and wet steam cleaning separately and safely, 360o comprehensive cleaning the car. 100% guarantee the cleaning effect.

Air conditioner and dead angle cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing, eliminate odorous.

Interior cleaning, dry steam cleaning, protect circuit, keep away from moisture and avoid rusting.

Engine cleaning, dry steam cleaning, protect circuit, to avoid rusting.

Exterior cleaning use wet steam, protect the appearance of car, make the car shining after cleaning.

GOCLEAN Features


Microbes are killed by heat, without any chemical, make the driving experience much cleaner and healthier.

Environment friendly

Just use water and electricity to clean car, no chemical.

High quality

All the materials and accessories are produced by the cooperated factories or purchase from overseas directly, make sure high quality machine.

Much safer

10 safety systems guarantee safe operating, ensure zero accident.

More energy-efficient

Clean one car just need 2L water and 2 KW/H electricity.

Smarter control system

Artificial intelligence enabled by the internal CPU monitors and controls mechanical and electrical operations of the machine.

Easy to maintenance

The generator use 316L stainless steel, tap in water directly. Special design and hard to scale, three month maintain one time.

Insulation better

Excellent temperature protection system, consumption less than 5 degree per hour, saves electric energy, provides continuous rich and powerful steam during working.

Our promise

30 days on approval, 365 days replacement, Lifetime technical supports

All parts produced by the cooperate factories or import from overseas, use the best quality parts make the best performance machines.

Parts GOCLEAN standards
Water pump Pressure 1.0 Mpa
Heater Pressure 2.0 Mpa
Lifetime 10,000 hours
12V power switch Lifetime 10,000 hours
AC contactor Lifetime 1,000,000 times
Steam tube -60℃ temperature +260℃
Pressure 1.6 Mpa
Preesure control switch Lifetime 1,000,000 times
super insulation
Dry steam

GOCLEAN dry steam

Wet steam

GOCLEAN wet steam

Why use the steam car washer

Compare to high pressure water washing

car interior and exterior cleaning

Car interior and exterior cleaning

cleaning car exterior

Just cleaning car exterior

Consume water, consume electricity

Consume water 2L/car, consume electricity 2KW/H/car

Waste water and electricity

Waste water and electricity

NO chemical

NO chemical

Need chemical to clean

Need chemical to clean

don't harm to car paint

No harmful to car paint

harm car paint

High pressure water damage car paint

Why GOCLEAN Steam Car Washer

GOCLEAN is the better one

Deodorizing and sanitizing, eliminate odorous

Deodorizing and sanitizing, eliminate odorous.

The cleaning effect is not in place

Others can not.

360o cleaning, 100% ensure the cleaning effect

360o cleaning, 100% ensure the cleaning effect.

Need some chemical cleaning together

Need some chemical cleaning together

Dry and wet steam cleaning interior and exterior together

Dry and wet steam cleaning interior and exterior together.

No dry and wet

Others can not

10 safety devices ensure zero risk

10 safety systems ensure zero risk!

Other can not promise.

Other can not promise.

Easy to maintenance

Easy to maintenance, three month maintain one time.

one day maintain one time

Other machines one day maintain one time.

100% use stainless steel, Reducing plastic parts aging effectively

100% use stainless steel, Reducing plastic parts aging effectively.

Plastic parts aging effectively

Plastic parts aging effectively.

GOCLEAN guarantee 6 years lifetime

GOCLEAN guarantee 6 years lifetime.

Other machines just 1 year guarantee

Other machines just 1 year guarantee.


Recognisable appearance with appearance patent.

Goclean front
Goclean front


Model GOCLEAN 4.0 Model GOCLEAN 4.0
Steam Pressure 8 bar Weight 80 kgs
Water Tank Volume 20 L Size 550mm * 680mm * 940mm
Voltage 220V 50/60Hz (customized available) Humidity option dry & wet
Power 6KW-9KW/H (standby no consumption) Max. Temperature at gun tip 130℃
Water consumption 2 L/per car cleaning Highest steam temperature 160℃

GOCLEAN profit

Let’s say 60 cars per day; every GOCLEAN car body wash charges USD 10 at least

How many cars in a month?
How much income in a month?

How about 1 year ?

How about 2 years ?


Machine lifetime?

What about whole car cleaning profit?

What your profit will be?