Let’s start and expand your business from GOCLEAN car steamer

KingKar aims to make itself a reliable choice for every customer like you. It never wants too big, focus on every product: 1-meter width; 1000 meters in depth to meet customers’ gradually growing demand for better goods and life.

GOCLEAN brand as the KingKar newest brand is for steam car wash machine. GOCLEAN series car steam wash machines have gotten rid of the shortcomings of the current car wash machines, absorbed the strong point, and create their own unique advantages, aims to a well-used, body healthy, and environmentally friendly machines for every car washer user. Especially it created a longer machine lifetime, because of the high quality and thousand times tested pump and heater.

GOCLEAN car steamer uses high temperature and high-pressure steam for cleaning, it is the expert of car cleaning. Just use water and electricity, no chemicals. GOCLEAN car steamer with dry steam and wet steam for car interior and exterior cleaning at the same time. High-temperature steam can deodorize and sanitize, giving you a comfortable, safe, and pleasant driving experience.