How To Safely Clean Your Wheels and Tires

Step #1: Clean The Tires
Spray your cleaner onto the tire. Make sure you cover the entire sidewall down.

Next, agitate the tire. If you have thin sidewalls, this should be pretty easy.

If you tire is really dirty, you may want to put some force down on the brush to really agitate the tire.

You want to pull all the gunk out of the tire.
Once you go around the entire tire, rinse it off. You should see a bunch of black/brown gunk coming down.

Now you could give it a second pass if you’d like. If it’s really dirty and you want ensure you removed most of the gunk, you’ll just repeat the same process again.

Pay attention to the cleaner.

Does it turn brown again like it did in the first pass that you did or does the cleaner remain white?

If it turns brownish again, that means there’s still dirt being pulled off from the tires.

If it remains white, then most of the gunk has been cleaned off!

Now rinse off the tire as we’re done with that part.

Step #2: Clean The Inner Wheel Barrels

Spray the cleaner into the barrels. You may have to stick the spray nozzle into the wheel so you can really cover the barrel.

If you haven’t cleaned your wheel barrels in a while, you definitely want to spray liberally with the cleaner so it can break the dust and dirt down.

Now using your EZ Detail Brush, work it between each spoke. For added measure, spray a bit more of your cleaner onto the brush so it stays lubricated.Repeat this process throughout the entire wheel.

Don’t hold back on spraying the cleaner. There might be a lot of brake dust and dirt in there.As a heads up, if you’re using the EZ Detail Brush (or something similar), the bristles will slingback gunk back to you.

So if you want to keep your hands, arms, and face clean, you’ll want to use gloves, a long sleeve and eye protection (at a minimum, wear eye protection. You don’t want brake dust in your eyes!) Remember to rinse off! This is very important. You don’t want to let it dry in the barrel as you’ll have to do the process all over again.

Step #3: Clean The Wheel Faces

We’re bringing it home now!

Finally you’re going to spray the face of the wheel and agitage with the Montana brush.

Make sure you’re fitting the bristles into the spokes. You’ll angle it in different manners to reach those tight areas.

An overlooked areas are always the wheel lugs. Make sure you’re getting in those tight areas. Once you’re done, rinse off the wheel face.

Now at this point, you can easily spray down the brake caliper and agitate with a smaller brush like the Detail Buddy brush I mentioned.

Sometimes it’s easier to clean than others depending on your design and if the spokes are in the way. You can always move the car forward or backwards to rotate the spokes for more access. Then rinse off again.

Step #4: Wipe Down The Wheel

You don’t want to let the water dry on your wheel as you’ll create water spots.

Take a dry clean towel and wipe them down.

It’ll be a bit difficult to get the towel in the inner barrel, but you’ll squeeze it through the spokes the best you can. Repeat On All Four Wheels and Tires. Now it’s time to repeat this process!

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