You must pay attention to these things when washing your car

Fuel fee, parking fee and car washing fee should be the three major costs of car maintenance at present. Many car owners like to wash their cars on their own. On one hand, it can reduce the cost of car maintenance. On the other hand, they can learn more about the parts of their car well. But there are some knowledge you need to know if you want to wash your car by yourselves.

Knowledge 1: choice of car washing fluid

The right washing fluid must be selected for car washing. It is forbidden to use alkaline detergent or soap powder for car washing, because although they have strong decontamination power, they also have great damage. They are often used for car washing, and the bright light on the car body surface will be eroded quickly; moreover, they will accelerate the aging of rubber parts, tires, windows, etc. The right car washing liquid should be the special one for car washing, and the best one is the one containing water wax. Actually, car steamer is a good way to choose.

Knowledge 2: whether there is a pre-washing procedure

Before washing your car, a lot of dust and mud are attached to the car body. If you use a water gun to wash the car and sponge it at very beginning, then washing will turn into “rubbing”. The right way is to use a feather duster and a soft brush to remove the dust and mud from the surface at first. If you have just gone to the sandstorm area, it is best to use soft towels such as microfiber cloth for simple scrubbing. Then use the car wash solution for the first time.

Knowledge 3: engine washing

Many people pay little attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the engine. They think it doesn’t matter whether the engine compartment is washed or not, which is actually wrong. From another perspective, we can see why there are shields at the bottom of the engine compartment of high-end cars, which can prevent sediment from entering the engine compartment. So, as the saying goes, if you want to the car is well maintained or not, just look at the engine. Therefore, in order to make the heart part of the car work well, it is necessary to carry out professional cleaning.

Before cleaning, all kinds of important joints must be wrapped with film, then cleaned with professional detergent one by one, and then cleaned and dried with water. It is not allowed to wash your car directly with high-pressure water gun. Finally, all kinds of rubber parts protectors shall be used to protect all kinds of rubber glazing in the engine room.

However ,it is not so easy and convenient for car owners to do all these well. Then is there simple and effective way to clean a car up?As I mentioned before, car steamer is a good way to go. Car Steamer uses wet&dry steam to clean the outside&inside of the car. The working principle of car steamer is to first use high temperature to dissolve the dirt and then high pressure to remove the dirt, which means you don’t need washing detergent anymore. And steam is well used for engine washing.

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