Will the steam have an effect on the engine when cleaning engine compartment?

The car owners may have this question, Does the engine compartment need to be cleaned? If it needs to be cleaned, is it washed with water? It seems that I have never seen anyone wash the engine with water.

Everyone knows that the car engine compartment cannot be washed casually. Because if the engine is getting water, it will cause damage to the car’s heart. If you use a high-pressure cold water gun to clean it, A large amount of water and a few hundred kilograms of cold water pressure will directly lead to short circuit of the water entering the vehicle circuit, resulting in damage to electronic components. Moreover, the effect of removing water from cold water is not good, because water and oil are not fused, and oil in the engine cannot be removed. Therefore, when cleaning the engine compartment before, the car wash shop is sprayed with the cleaning agent in the engine compartment and then wiped clean with a car washcloth. The cleaning effect is not complete.

GoClean steam car washer is a device that uses steam to clean cars.

With the dry steam cleaning using the principle of steam thermal degradation, the dirt attached to the surface of the car is combined and separated by gentle steam. Then use a clean rag to remove the remaining dirt and a little water stain;Steam cleaning helps the care of the engine compartment surface, the protection of the paint surface, the cleaning of the interior gap, without damaging the circuit and rubber components, and effectively cleaning the engine, interior and other parts of the car;The continuous steam that is continuously sprayed can clean the car smoothly.It is easier and faster to operate than some cleaning methods on the market. And no harm to the engine, really brings convenience and welfare to friends with cars.

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