Will the steam car wash damage vehicle’s surface?

GOCLEAN steam car wash machine is more and more popular and is applied to all kinds of industry because of the new concept of car wash, water saving, bacteria killer, and best cleaning effect for interior and exterior. But to be honest, during our promotion, many customers are asking, is the high temperature steam will hurt the car paint or not?

Today about this question, we analyze from three points. Hope it will solve the problem for the car owners and car wash centers.

First, the working principle of the steam car wash:
Steam car wash is using the electricity or diesel to heat the water into steam for car wash, the steam is quickly condensed into water on the surface of the car body, and the dirt is quickly washed away by steam pressure. Also the steam with strong thermal degradation physical properties, and dissolve the dirt and stains properties, so the dirt is softened by heat and can be easily removed under pressure steam work with the cloth, when the high pressure is sprayed on the surface of the car body, the steam temperature is around 50-60 degree Celsius, and the steam pressure reaches 220-260 m/s (the flow rate exceeds the level 17 hurricane), so that the pollutants adhering to the surface of the paint are swept away totally.

Second, do you know how is the car paint produced during car production?
General new car has 4 layers of paint:

  1. Electrophoretic paint layer: electrophoretic paint layer coating is the whole body place into the swimming pool, no dead angle roll invasion, the main role is rust, it is the bottom of the body rust.
  2. The primer layer: The primer layer play the role of filling, filled with some depression and small flaws. As the paint layer and electrophoretic paint layer isolation layer, can improve the decorative paint layer. Of course, there must be anti-corrosion effect.
  3. Color paint layer: This layer is the color of the car paint display, a solid paint, metal paint.
  4. Varnish layer: protect the color paint layer, increase the brightness. Resistant to ultraviolet light, strong weather resistance.

And for forth varnish layer, which is baking process, it under high temperature around 240-260 degree Celsius, so when you use the steam with 60 degree to wash the car paint which can resist 240 degree, it will not damage the car paints.

Last, till now, GOCLEAN has been represented in 12 countries and has been exported to 24 countries, and Kingkar focus on car care equipment for over 17 years, our customers are focus on car wash, car detailing for car body, car engine compartment and interior cleaning for all kinds of brand cars.

Now more and more car wash centers are using steam car wash to reduce the service cost, increase the profit, and shorten the waiting time, also make the car owners feel the totally different and better car service, please do not hesitate about the steam car wash for your business. It will not damage the car paint, but it will bring you more unexpected benefit and customers.

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