Why should the steam car wash machine adjust the steam dry humidity?

Many people are familiar with the steam car washer, but little is known about its operation. Today, I will explain the importance of the steam car washer to adjust the steam dry humidity.

The reason why the steam car wash machine needs to adjust the dry humidity is to deal with different cleaning areas.

For example, the exterior of the car is dirty and there is a lot of mud. It needs to be washed with wet steam so that a large amount of steam can be mixed with sludge to wash it. But cleaning the interior and the engine is different. These places require no water, let alone cleaning with water, so you must adjust the dry humidity of the steam to clean it.

Some people will doubt that there is no water if it is adjusted. In fact, steam dry humidity adjustment still contains moisture, but the moisture is small and has a certain temperature, which evaporates immediately after cleaning, which is why the four doors must be opened for ventilation when cleaning the car interior.

The adjustment of the dry humidity of the steam car washer is very simple. It is actually to obtain the steam of different dry humidity by controlling the amount of water intake, so only the digital adjustment can achieve the effect of the dry and wet adjustment. The larger the dry steam, the smaller the number and the wetter the steam.

If the car washing machine you choose cannot adjust the dry humidity, it takes more time and energy to clean the car. This will have a great impact on your subsequent arrangements. You may not be able to keep up with the appointment, you may go home too late, and you may waste your time waiting. But GOCLEAN does not, we are committed to providing convenience for everyone.

In the above picture, we can also clearly see that the temperature of the steam nozzle at different distances has the most suitable parts for cleaning, which will not damage the car, and GOCLEAN can produce stable steam up to 120℃, the high temperature and high humidity will kill bacteria and viruses at a shorter time. It’s widely applied to the contact surface to destroy bacteria, inactivate viruses. NO chemicals, Water only.

GOCLEAN is focus on car bacteria killing with the hot steam. It’s a great time to start this new business during the COVID-19.

How to clean the car interior to be the cleanest?

After using the car for a long time every day, the interior of the car will inevitably become dirty. Sometimes it is not only unpleasant but also affects your emotions. If you want a clean driving environment, you must first consider internal cleaning.

This is a project that every car will do. Unlike ordinary car washing, indoor cleaning is more focused on cleaning places that do not normally require car washing. The same applies to interior seats, center consoles, floors, disinfected ceilings, dashboards, luggage cases, etc. So how to make the car interior cleanest?

GOCLEAN steamer has proved in long-term practice and testing that the use of high-temperature and high-pressure steam to clean cars can quickly and efficiently achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection. GOCLEAN only needs two workers to operate the spray guns for wet and dry steam at the same time, so that the division of labor is clear during the cleaning process. Wet steam cleans the dirt outside the car, and dry steam cleans the hidden parts of the car that are not easy to clean. Usually it takes only 10 minutes to clean a car, which not only reduces the waiting time of customers, but also creates more profits for merchants.

For cars, the interior must be cleaned regularly. If you wait until the car becomes dirty and unbearable, you may have been infected with bacteria for a long time. If the vehicle is too dirty, some severely infested parts cannot be removed immediately. The interior of the car is equivalent to our second bedroom, so the car must be cleaned and disinfected on time.

Choose to use GOCLEAN STEAMER to clean the car, not only can your car have a good environment, but also can make you more comfortable to drive, and also play a very protective role in the health of the passengers in the car.

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