Why are GOCLEAN steam cleaners so popular?

Why are GOCLEAN steam cleaners so popular?

GOCLEAN steam cleaner is a kind of cleaning equipment that uses the high temperature and high pressure of saturated steam to clean the oily dirt on the surface of the part and vaporize it. It can also clean any tiny gaps and holes, peel off and remove oil stains and residues, to meet the requirements of water saving, clean, dry, and low-cost, instead of other water cleaning or dry ice cleaning.

GOCLEAN steam cleaners so popular

 GOCLEAN can meet your high requirements for hygiene. The most important thing is that you can use natural and environmentally friendly steam to ensure that your home environment is spotless without relying on any chemicals. The benefits of steam cleaning are obvious. The powerful steam can penetrate and reach the smallest cavities, dissolving the most stubborn dirt. Steam cleaning is suitable for any home environment, whether it is a single apartment, a small family or a large family, to get the best cleaning effect effortlessly in the shortest time.

The mystery of GOCLEAN steam cleaning is based on a simple principle: a strong combination of pressure, speed and temperature. Users benefit from its cleaning effect, which is so powerful that the most stubborn dirt can be easily removed. The permeability of the powerful vapor particles can directly reach the most inaccessible cracks and pits to break down the dirt, completely avoid chemicals, protect the environment and reduce expenses. Microscopic steam particle steam can safely and effectively remove stubborn dirt from the smallest pits that are hard to reach by cleaning tools.

The steam is generated by GOCLEAN steam cleaner under a pressure of 8-16 bar, which makes the steam spray from the nozzle about 170 km/h, and the dirt is impacted by the strong steam, It is removed to achieve an effective cleaning effect.

The temperature of the steam ejected from the nozzle is 100-130℃, Even if the temperature drops, the temperature on the surface of the object to be cleaned is much higher than the object itself. The huge temperature difference causes the dirt to expand larger than the surface of the object to be cleaned, as if the dirt detached by itself. The use of the multifunctional cleaning cloth and brush head matched with the steam cleaner can improve the ability of steam to break down dirt.

GOCLEAN steam cleaner is widely used in many industries, such as the cleaning of milling machines, CNC machine tools and foundry equipment to compare cleaning effects,injection molding machine tools. Also is widely used for house, aircraft, boat cleanings.

 The cleaning of oil, grease, graphite or other stubborn dirt can be easily solved by dry steam, and high temperature disinfection can also be performed. Also that is we said GOCLEAN steam cleaner is not only the cleaner, but it is the bacteria killer.

What should be paid attention to when using GOCLEAN steam cleaner?

Steam cleaning equipment has been available for five or six years. Many customers have already purchased this machine. It has brought a lot of customers and profits to the car wash shop, and it has also improved the competitiveness of the car wash shop. Provide more detailed and complete car wash services. And some people who have not yet purchased are also actively understanding. No matter what type of customer, they still have insufficient knowledge of steam cleaning equipment, and there will be situations like this when using it, although there is not much to the overall work of the car wash. Impact, but it will reduce the efficiency of car washing and delay people’s time. Today we will reiterate what you should pay attention to when using GOCLEAN steam cleaner.

   First, do not adjust the buttons on the control panel. All the operation buttons of the steam cleaning equipment are concentrated on the front panel. Among them, there are adjustment buttons in front of the temperature display panel and the wet and dry adjustment, but they cannot be adjusted casually. The temperature is tested and set by the technician before leaving the factory, and does not need to be adjusted. It can only be adjusted under the guidance of after-sales personnel when the car washing machine needs maintenance. Unauthorized adjustment of the temperature control button will cause insufficient steam production, high moisture content or dry burning.

 Dry and wet adjustment is often used when washing cars. Dry steam is used to clean the engine and interior of a car, which is analogous to places that cannot meet water. Wet steam is used to clean the exterior of a car that is dirty. GOCLEAN steam cleaner customers can only adjust themselves during the car washing process if they are proficient in the adjustment methods.

 Second, pay attention to the car washing method. For a long time, we have received feedback from different users that the steam car wash performance is not good enough. Many people have this situation because they have not mastered the correct method of car washing. Steam car washing is different from traditional cold water wash. It is not just a matter of washing with water and making a foam. It has its own unique car washing process, when you are cleaning vehicles with steam. At the same time, wipe it off with a towel or cloth. This method can be cleaned only once, and the car will be dry after washing. It is simple and time-saving.

Last, pay attention to anti-freezing, this problem is easy to be overlooked, especially users in some Europe countries. Very cold in winner, some users think that the internal temperature of the steam cleaning equipment is high and it will not freeze, but they don’t know if the internal water tank does not empty the water when not in use at night, Pipes and water tanks will be cracked due to freezing. To prevent freezing, there are two methods, one is to put the car washer in a warm room, and the other is to make the water in the machine internal empty.

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