What’s the most correct way to maintain a car? I believe many car owners speak of daily maintenance, they must think of car wash and waxing.

Indeed, car washing can make the car body shine, but it is best to use steam car wash, such as GOCLEAN steam car washing machine. Many car owners think that waxing can protect the paint, sure, the right amount of wax can protect the paint, and make the paint bright. However, some car waxes contain alkaline substances, which will make the body black after using for a long time. Special reminder, you don’t need to rush to wax when you buy a new car. There is no need to wax in less than 5 months, because the new car itself has a layer of wax, which is unnecessary. In addition, there are many places, such as car paint, rim, oil, lighting, instrument panels, engine… These owners can simply check and regularly clean with GOCLEAN steam washing machine to effectively reduce the car’s failure during driving. These parts can be easily inspected and cleaned regularly by GOCLEAN steam washing machine, which effectively reduces the car’s failure during driving.

Maintenance advice of car:

Note that the following maintenance items maintenance time and mileage are subject to availability.

Oil and machine filter

The oil is divided into mineral oil and synthetic motor oil. Synthetic motor oil is divided into fully synthetic and semi-synthetic. The fully synthetic motor oil is the highest grade. When replacing the oil, refer to the vehicle user manual and replace it according to the recommended specifications. Note that the machine filter is carried out when the oil is changed.

Mineral oil is replaced 5000 km or 6 months;

Synthetic motor oil is 8000-10000 km or replaced every 8 months.

Gearbox oil

The transmission oil acts to lubricate the life of the transmission. The transmission oil is divided into automatic transmission oil and manual transmission oil.

Manual transmission oil is generally replaced every 2 years or 60,000 km;

Automatic transmission fluids are generally replaced every 60,000-120,000 km.

Booster oil

The booster oil is a kind of liquid in the car power steering pump. The hydraulic wheel can make the steering wheel light and light. It was applied to the big car early. Now every car has this technology.

The booster oil is usually replaced every 2 years or 40,000 km, and it should be checked regularly for lack of and supplement.

Brake Fluid

Due to the structure of the brake system of the car, the brake oil will absorb moisture for a long time, resulting in a decrease in braking force or a malfunction of the brake.

Brake oil is usually replaced every 2 years or 40,000 km.


After a long time, everything will deteriorate, as is antifreeze. Normally, it will be replaced every two years or 40,000 kilometers. Regularly check the antifreeze liquid level to make up to the normal range.

Air filter

As the “mask” of the engine, if the air filter element is too dirty, it will inevitably affect the air circulation, reduce the air intake of the engine, resulting in power reduction.

The replacement cycle of air filter element is 1 year or 10,000 kilometers, which can be adjusted according to the vehicle environment. But we can clean engine by steam car wash, such as GOCLEAN steam car wash machine, to extend the service life of the engine.

Air-conditioning filter
If the air filter element is the “mask” of the engine, then the air conditioning filter element is the “mask” of drivers and passengers. Once the air conditioning filter element is too dirty, it will not only affect the air conditioning performance, but also pollute the environment inside the car. Due to clean the air conditioner and kill bacteria in car, we car also use GOCLEAN steam car wash to help us.
Air conditioning filter replacement cycle for 1 year or 10 thousand kilometers, the same can be adjusted according to the car environment.

Gas filter

Filter impurities in automobile fuel. The replacement cycle of built-in gasoline filter element is generally 5 years or 100,000km. The replacement cycle of external gasoline filter element is 2 years.

The spark plug

According to the material, different material spark plug replacement cycle is not the same.


The service life of the battery is affected by daily use habits. In general, the battery can be used for more than 3 years. After two years should be regularly check the battery voltage.

Brake pads

Brake pad replacement cycle is generally around 30,000 km, if the feeling of abnormal brake sound, brake distance becomes longer, etc., should be timely replacement of brake pad.


The tire depends on service condition. In general, the service life of tires is about 5-8 years. But before the car leaves the factory, it usually has passed a period of time. So you had better change it within 3 years.

Wiper Blade

There is no fixed time for the replacement of the wiper blade. The replacement can be used as a result of the use. If the scratch is not clean or there is abnormal noise, it needs to be replaced.