What are the benefits of steam car wash

Steam car wash features.

1, low water consumption, saving 90% of water compared to traditional car wash.

2, the body, the engine deep decontamination, decontamination effect is significant.

3, The low-temperature steam avoids the problem of winter icing in the northern winter.

4, The low-temperature steam is softer, avoiding high-pressure water impacting the sand on the paint surface.

5, in line with national energy conservation and environmental protection policies.

Steam can be both sterilized and decontaminated. At the same time, it has strong thermal degradation physical properties. It can quickly dissolve the sticky nature of sediment and stains. The dirt is softened by heat and can be easily removed under pressure steam injection. When the high pressure is injected on the surface of the vehicle body, the temperature of the low-temperature steam injected by the steam is 50 degrees Celsius, and the steam pressure reaches 220-260 meters/second (the hurricane with a flow rate over 17), sweeping away the contaminants that adhere to the paint surface. Light.

Steam car wash has the advantage of no waste water pollution, and can provide on-site service within a certain range of service points. The steam washing machine can flexibly adjust the dry humidity. Unlike the high-pressure washing car, in addition to cleaning the body, the engine can also be cleaned, and the sofa, ceiling, air conditioner, seat cushion, floor mat, toys, and accessories can be cleaned to achieve full cleaning.

First of all steam can fully wash all parts of the car; the most important thing is that steam car wash is not a pure high-pressure plus cold water washing process, but through the characteristics of steam drying, with a proper pressure and temperature comprehensively on every minute part of the car Clean, sterilize, disinfect and deodorize to achieve more cleanliness of the car wash, and improve simple wash to fine wash, which is more closely related to the owner’s health problems.

With the improvement of living standards, China’s vehicle ownership has entered the world’s forefront. The owner’s maintenance is also advancing with the times. He hopes not only to open a new car every day, but also hopes that the car will not be damaged in the process of conservation. The traditional high-pressure water gun flushing has great damage to the car paint, and the steam car wash has no need to worry about it.

GOCLEAN steam car washing machine provides car owners with convenient, safe and harmless car beauty maintenance services. It not only makes the car clean and beautiful, but also cares deeply for the health of drivers and drivers. It turns the painful car wash into a casual consumer experience. At one stroke, it will surely replace the traditional car wash and become the mainstay in the car wash industry. .

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