Top ten advantages of door-to-door car wash

Door-to-door car wash refers to a car wash method that uses a mobile and convenient non-sludge car wash equipment to the customer’s designated location for cleaning services.

The door-to-door car wash project recognizes ten advantages:

  1. Advantages of the automotive service industry. The automobile service industry is recognized as a “profiteering” industry, and the car ownership is rising every year, and the car needs to be cleaned regularly.
  2. On-site convenience advantage. On-site service, community-based operation, eliminating the hardships of going to and from the car wash shop, saving fuel, saving money, saving time, making life easier and making people more comfortable.
  3. The advantages of water saving and environmental protection. Environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction are global responsibility
  4. Consumer psychological advantage. As the saying goes, “To earn money, you can earn money from a rich person.” In some ways, a car owner equals a rich man.
  5. Low investment threshold
  6. Simple operation advantages.
  7. Return on investment. Investing more than $10,000, the return profit can reach tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands, no product backlog, no inventory risk, no sales threshold, no dim peak season. Money scene is beautiful!
  8. The advantage of Capital Returning. The release of monthly card, annual card, pre-charge and other activity policies, the funds are returned quickly. According to the car wash owner, it takes only 10-20 days to recover the investment. Among them, the pre-charging system helps to withdraw funds is an indisputable fact.
  9. Industry extension advantages. On-site service, full contact with the terminal owners in space and psychology; at the same time, the automotive after-market service will have a huge platform for the subsequent high-profit supplies, decoration, insurance and other services.
  10. Secondary agent advantage. The stock market and the housing market are sluggish, Private capital needs to find a way out; the economic downturn, laid-off workers, college students are hard to find jobs. The idleness of capital and personnel allows more franchisees to generate the impulse of district-level agents.
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