1、Usually only the outside of the car is cleaned, and internal cleaning is ignored. The total amount of bacteria in the car is 700, which is still dirty than the toilet!

2、 High pressure washing, damage to car paint, damaged parts.

3、Use chemical and washing agents to ensure cleaning results,corrosion and affect the color of paint, the health of people in crisis.

4、Over 50L of water cleaning 1 car, pollution of the environment and waste of water.

5、Consumption of labor, long cleaning time, delay customer waiting time.

If you are worried about it,let the GOCLEAN steam car wash machine solve all your troubles for you!

1、360° all-round cleaning, sterilization.

2、Dry and wet steam cleaning at the same time, 0 damage.

3、No need to use any washing reagents, reduce the cost of the shop, protect the paint.

4、2L water to clean a body, save water and energy, environmental friends, car shop helpers.

5、One person can clean a car in 7 minutes, saving time and effort.