The growing market opportunity of steam car washing service

Now, steam car washing machine is a good car cleaning machine, and it is popular using in car cleaning industry.Along with the shortage of water resource, everyone pay more attention to environment protection, especially the water resource, and affect to the car washing industry. Until so far, the high pressure water cleaning are popular in the market, per each car will consume more than 100 liters water, waste much water. Using steam car washing machine for car cleaning, it can bring some benefits to human, car and environment.Saving energy, cleaning one car just using 2 liters water, no chemical. Saving some cost, no harmful to human, car or environment.Mobile service, no waste water when cleaning, every steamer owner can do mobile door to door service, such as underground parking service, supermarket parking service, household automotive cleaning service and so on.Comprehensive car cleaning, Steamer with dry steam and wet steam. Super dry steam for car interior cleaning, such as engine compartment, air conditioner, fabric and leather chair, car roof, carpet and so on; Wet steam for car exterior cleaning, such as car body, tyre and car light and so on.Improve the car cleaning level, Steam car washing machine using high temperature and high pressure steam to cleaning every dead angle and parts, killing the bacteria and bad smelling in the car, provide an healthy driving environment.GOCLEAN steam car washing machine is the product of car care industry development, choose it and become the leader of car care industry.

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