The application of steam in the car wash industry is beyond your imagination.

Steam is the best tool for satisfying all car care needs cause it’s safe and high efficiency.

Use steam wash for a wide range of car detailing applications including:

  • Car interior cleaning comprising door jams, cup holders, dashboards, vents, central consoles, and car upholstery cleaning.
  • Car exterior cleaning including car body, wheels, rims.
  • Remove hard stains and odor from fabrics like mats.
  • Degreasing engines
  • Car window cleaning
  • Removing salt stains.etc

Steam Cleaning the car interior:

In fact, GoClean steamer can be used to clean any corner of the car interior.

  • Car upholstery cleaning:

The GoClean steamer can clean the car interior and which is very effective. GoClean steamer takes car care conditions by rehydrating and restoring the leather and brings back its faded shine.  Using the steamjet will use very less water to leaving car parts surface dry. In fact, it is the best way of removing stains from the car seat.

  • Steam cleaning car windows:

Windows cleaning with GoClean steamer is very reliable and easy than rigorously cleaning it using chemical products as it doesn’t leave behind any stains or marks. Also, it is healthy and safe.

  • Sticky Cup holder’s residue:

Cup holders are easily dislodged using lances and are washed away using a microfiber cloth.

  • Car Door Trims and Jambs:

High steam pressure blows away grease and sticky substance away and the heat generated melts away any leftover sticky residue. GoClean Steamer could completely restore the car door trims for you.

  • Dashboards and Consoles:

Using steam on steering wheels and dashboard removes any dirt and dust effectively. Steam with low moisture is applied over surfaces like knobs, buttons, ventilation systems, switches using lances for wiping off the dirt and odor from a car and make interior fresh.

  • Cleaning door panel:

Door panels need to be cleaned properly as it comes in contact with the maximum. Car door panel melts away residue and dirt easily. Steam cleaners lift away oil, stains, and dirt from speaker grills, window switches, armrests and bring ease to your car care task.

  • Ventilation system:

Steam is the most recommended way for disinfecting allergens and throwing dust away. Heat and high pressure created by any steam cleaners dislodge dust, dirt, and pathogens effectively stuck in the car ventilation system.

  • Steaming car carpet:

Carpet’s dirt and odor can easily remove using steam cleaners and bristle will rejuvenate the carpet’s fiber to look fresh and new again. After steam cleaning, it hardly takes few minutes to dry the carpet after cleaning. for availing perfect lines, vacuum afterward.

  • Steam vacuuming carpets:

Good and versatile steam cleaner exactly performs the function like carpet extractor and along with this is even cleans up the hard surfaces. It turns up to customers along with many car care options like detailing attachments. Using steam wash for cleaning is the instant and best way for removing stains, dirt, and odors.

Exterior Car cleaning with Steam:

Steam wash is turning out to be a popular method for cleaning exterior body part of the car. As described above, the steam car wash machine must have high power for any car cleaning. The external body of the car never has a smooth finish and have pores and valleys that trap wax, dirt over time period leading to a faded look of the car. It opens up the pores of the car and even car coating. Steam wash blows away dirt and wax helping in restoring the original shine of paint.

  • Diesel fuel:

Diesel fuel marks a layer of fuel build up over the car body and exhaust tips that can be raised and removed using steam.

  • Wheels and rims:

Rims, wheels, and brakes become coated to a thick layer of brakes dust easily. Just by steaming you can melt the brake dust and can be easily flushed off giving completely clean and shine car wheels.

  • Engine degreasing:

Car engine gets coated with carbon, dust, oil, and grease over a period of time. No matter how hard the engine is greased, all know that steam washing will remove all hard layer and decrease the engine to new. Simply adding a light detergent in the steam will help you in flushing of the most tenacious grease. Steam cleaning is the best tool for getting a showroom clean engine.

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