Steam car washing machine brings a new revolution to winter car washing

Goclean steam car washer works as usual at minus 10 degrees,the steam won’t freeze, and it won’t freeze the doors and keyholes. Its advantage is incomparable with high-pressure water washing.

Goclean does not add any chemical washing, and only uses high-pressure steam to decompose oil stains, sand and dirt on the body surface. Goclean not only has the function of cleaning the body efficiently, but also cleans all parts of the vehicle, such as car engines and interiors, car cold steam outlets and indoor disinfection and deodorization, etc., it is a new type of environmental protection and energy saving equipment that is rare on the market.

Many people saw the foggy scene when they were washing their cars with a steam car washer. They may wonder if the steam temperature was too high. Will they get hot when using the steam car washer? Don’t worry about it. The steam outlet temperature of the steam cleaner is 120 degrees Celsius. This temperature is really hot, but people rarely touch the steam outlet because it is related to the way of steam car washing.

Operating procedures:

Steam car washing is done with two hands together, holding a rag in your left hand, and holding a steam spray gun in your right. The steam spray gun always works in front of the rag. The steam-washed area should be wiped with a rag immediately. Wipe the water off the surface to avoid leaving a watermark after the water is dry. In this way, the hands of car wash workers do not touch the steam outlet at all.

However, some people still have doubts, do you not burn your hands even if you do not touch the steam outlet? This is of course. After the steam is ejected, the volume gradually expands and the temperature gradually decreases. The temperature of the steam will drop sharply when it is 12 cm away from the steam outlet. To 55 degrees Celsius, this temperature is only a little warm to the skin of the opponent, which can not reach the point of burns, so when you notice that you do not let the steam outlet contact the skin when washing the car, the steam car will not burn your hands at all of.

You wo n’t need to wash your car with icy water in the cold wind, or worry that steam washing your car will hurt your hands. Goclean car washing machine to make your heart warmer all winter.

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