Mobile steam car wash, the next emerging industry to create millionaires!

Car washing is another emerging industry that can create rich people after real estate and automobiles. With the rapid increase in automobile production and market holdings, car washing is one of the highest frequency in car service, and its implied market value cannot be underestimated.

With the advent of the “Internet +” era, everything has become more and more convenient, buying clothes, not leaving home; buying food, not leaving home; setting a hotel, not leaving home; playing a car, also enough Do not leave the household. Now, car washing is also beginning to move in the direction of not leaving home. Mobile door-to-door steam washing is the future development trend of the car wash industry.

How does a mobile steam washing machine achieve a door-to-door car wash?

With a GOCLEAN steam car wash machine will be fine,

So what is a steam car wash?

Through the principle of steam cleaning, the water is heated into steam by three heating methods (gas/electric/diesel), and the steam is quickly condensed into the water on the surface of the vehicle body, and the dirt is quickly washed away by the steam pressure. The steam can be disinfected and decontaminated, and at the same time has strong thermal degradation physical properties, which can quickly dissolve the sticky properties of sediment and stains. The dirt is softened by heat and can be easily removed under pressure steam injection. When the high pressure is sprayed on the surface of the car body, the low-temperature steam ejected from the steam is 50 degrees Celsius, and the steam pressure reaches 220-260 m/s (the flow rate exceeds the level 17 hurricane), so that the pollutants adhering to the surface of the paint are swept away. Light.

What will be GOCLEAN steamer profit?

Generally per car cleaning charges USD 10; 30 -40 cars per car exterior cleaning; USD 6600 per month.

Generally, per car interior cleaning charges USD 30; 10 -20 cars per day; USD 6600 per month.

How much will be your profit in a year? USD 158400

How much will be your profit in a machine lifetime? USD 950400.

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