How will the steam car washing develop in 2020

The pace of the times has always buried some traditional things under the feet.

Take the car washing industry as an example.In the past few years, the entire car washing shop can be said to be able to operate with only one tap water pipe. Car washing, computer automatic car washing and then steam car washing, and the most rapid development is the steam car washing machine. The reason why steam car washing can achieve long-term development is that it can better adapt to market development and changing trends under the premise of saving water and no waste water pollution, so what is the development trend of steam car washing in 2020?

2020 steam car washing machine market development advantage analysis:

Can adapt to the big market trend of energy saving and environmental protection

With the improvement of the international energy-saving and environmental protection mechanism and awareness, traditional high-pressure water-washing cars do not save water resources, causing a lot of waste water pollution and other disadvantages. Steam car washing just solves these problems, and steam car washing will surely become a new development trend;

Car wash service that can adapt to various places

 The advantages of steam car washing tools are that there is no waste water pollution. The car washing service can be extended to door-to-door mobile car washing, underground parking lot car washing,  mall parking lot car washing, and family users self-service car washing;

Can carry out all-round car washing

 The steam car washing machine can flexibly adjust the dry humidity. Unlike high-pressure water car washing, in addition to washing the body, it can also clean the engine, the sofa, the ceiling, the air conditioner, the seat cushion, the foot pad, toys, accessories, etc., to achieve comprehensive cleaning;

Finally can improve cleaning to fine washing

The main concept of steam washing is: first, steam can be used to clean all parts of the car: through the characteristics of steam drying, each part can be cleaned, sterilized, disinfected, and deodorized.

Comprehensively with appropriate pressure and temperature to achieve more The high degree of car wash cleanliness will improve the simple washing to fine washing, which is more closely related to the health problems of car owners.

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