How about changing a different way ?Come to pick mobile door-to-door car washing

What is a mobile car washing machine? What is mobile door-to-door car wash? First of all, we must figure out these two issues.

The mobile car washing machine is a tool for car washing. The staff pushes the car washing machine to the community where the owner is located. The car can be started on the spot. Usually, the car wash is completed in 15 minutes. It is easy to understand that the staff come to the door. A tool for car wash.

Mobile door-to-door car wash, this kind of car wash service called “takeaway”, as the name suggests, is different from the traditional store car wash, realizing a simple car beauty cleaning portable door-to-door car wash service.

Mobile home wash has gone through three stages, waterless car wash, micro water car wash, water saving car wash, what are the advantages of this car wash service?

  1. There is no need to rent a car wash storefront.
  2. There is no restriction on sewage discharge.

3, water saving, energy saving and environmental protection, water consumption compared to traditional car wash to save a lot of water.

4, on-site service This model is much better than the traditional car wash service quality.

  1. The car wash site is not restricted. The car wash location can be on the roadside, in the underground car park, or in the owner garage.

GOCLEAN steamer 6.0 is the new arrival for mobile commercial steam car wash business. GOCLEAN  diesel steam Car Washer

  • 16 bar steam pressure guarantee cleaning effects without any shampoo.
  • 195℃ steam temperature is used well for bacteria cleaning which brings a nice environment to human beings.
  • Design smart,Mobile cleaning best choice, Enlarger customers; group greatly.

GOCLEAN car steamer is the trend washing way, it is your first choice to do new business.

GOCLEAN recruit partner now, welcome to join us!

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