Have you used the correct way to remove snow from cars

The winter is coming

Have you watched #Game of Thrones?

What impressed you the most?I believe you must remember this line:The winter is coming.right?

Today is the Beginning of Winter.

Beginning of Winter(Chinese:Lidong) is one of the twenty-four solar terms in the lunar calendar and one of the traditional Chinese festivals. Li means the beginning, Lidong means the beginning of winter. The date is between November 6th and 8th on the Gregorian calendar each year.

Lidong was one of the folk “four seasons and eight festivals” in ancient society, and people generally held sacrificial activities. Chinese folks regard Lidong as the beginning of winter. During Lidong, there is a food custom that needs tonic to survive the severe winter. In the south, people like to eat some chicken, duck and fish, and in the north, people like to eat dumplings.

After the Beginning of Winter,the weather is getting colder and colder,and it will snow,very beautiful,and children all love it.

Can you see the cars are covered by snow?if we need to use the car,what is the quickest way to remove the snow from the car?

Maybe GOCLEAN steam car wash machine can help you.

Using 100% steam; 0 chemical; 0 shampoo for whole car

With powerful steam and soft way to remove the snow easily.

It is good helper for car in Winter.

The correct way to remove snow from the car

GOCLEAN steam car wash machine,more than steam car wash machine.

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