GOCLEAN vs Automatic cleaning

What a meaningful day. GOCLEAN had a live broadcast today.

First of all, Ms. Carrie (the GOCLEAN host) and Mr.Xiao ( the car owner) take us to experience an automatic car wash process. Although the cleaning was short, the results showed that large stains disappeared. There were still many details that had not been cleaned, like: Wheels, wipers, and nooks and crannies are still dirty.

Then Mr.Xiao was invited by GOCLEAN to experience GOCLEAN dry and wet steam for car washing.

Then our technician Mr.Xie cleaned car exterior with GOCLEAN wet steam. It only needs 3 steps:

1.Using the steam gun to spay whole car

2. Steam with towel together for car cleaning

3.Dry tower to dry cars.

See? Really simple.

As you planning to do mobile service and work in a Van, the GOCLEAN 6.0 diesel machine will be suggested.

The power of GOCLEAN 6.0 diesel machine only 200W, normally one 48V DC battery or 2KW generator is enough to start it.

How to do the mobile car washing ? A man +A van + Battery or generator + Water.

And the steam is completely harmless to the car. The temperature of the steam is only 40 degrees. It won’t be too high,like sunshine. You can even touch it with your fingers.

Thirdly car interior cleaning. We can see that the trunk, the seats and the floor mats were dirty.

Take out your valuables and cover the dashboard with a waterproof material, because there are a lot of precision instruments inside.

After Mr.Xie finished the cleaning for a while. Mr.Xiao said:GOCLEAN steamers is magic!

It’s completely dry after washing, and you won’t need time to wait for it to dry.

Also, GOCLEAN can dispel peculiar smell and clean up the engine.

1. Install the engine-specific cleaning tube to the dry steam gun

2. Cover the engine battery and ECU with a dry towel or other waterproof material

3. Make sure that the dry steam is dry enough before cleaning (we suggest open the steam gun for 5 seconds to drain the remaining steam in the pipe. )

4. During the cleaning process, The suitable distance between the steam gun and clean surface is 20-40CM.

5. After cleaning, please dry it with a dry towel immediately

6. Car battery and ECU can be cleaned with a semi-wet towel

Five tips to wash your car and make it perfect

All in all,The difference between GOCLEAN steamer and Automactic is evident.

GOCLEAN machine has the following advantages:

1.For whole car cleaning, especially for car interior cleaning and bad smell killing

2.It doesn’t need any chemicals or shampoo. Don’t leave waste water on the ground. After sun shine, it will be dry.

3.Customers’ satisifcation is more better.

4.As the gas station brings in free automatic wash service for car owners. It need to think whether you need to buy a automatic wash machine

GOCLEAN steamer is quite new wash way in the world. I suggest you can use it for high fine and deep cleaning. Show your specialty, then more competitive; car owners will choose your center to do service.

GOCLEAN aloso have the promotion be in December:



3.Vacuum cleaner

4.1 month inquiry from your local

If you are interested in GOCLEAN Steam car washing machine, just contact us!

GOCLEAN steamer, bacteria killer!


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