GOCLEAN diesel steamer maintenance and precautions

GOCLEAN steamer uses high temperature and high pressure steam to clean car exterior and interior, floors, doors, windows and clothes, range hoods, air conditioners, microwave ovens, even the kitchen, and sanitary ware to sterilize the surfaces, remove dust and bacteria, and is environmentally friendly. It can prevent allergies and eliminate stubborn stains and oil stains. No chemical reagents are needed, and there is almost no damage to cleaning items. When people enjoy the scientific and sanitary environment, they will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

 And in order to prolong the service life of GOCLEAN steam car wash machine, daily maintenance is very important and must be strictly implemented:

   Check the level of lubricating oil in the crankcase of the high-pressure pump every day, and replace the lubricating oil every three months;

   Clean the water inlet filter once every two weeks;

   Clean the fuel nozzle and ignition electrode assembly once a month;

   Replace the fuel filter once three months;

   Remove and wash the high-pressure oil pump once three months

     Descaling regularly, different area with different water quality. Do the descaling maintenance ( it will be suggested by GOCLEAN service team)

   Precautions for GOCLEAN 6.0

   1. It is strictly forbidden to add any chemicals such as detergent, and only use ordinary water.

  • Do not fill the water too full when using it, because there is a pressure relief valve on the lid, and if the water is too full, it will overflow from the hole of the pressure relief valve.
  • Do good maintenance of the steam pipe and gun.
  • After cleaning, before turn off the machine, put out of the steam in the machine.

And any question or unclear about the operation and maintenance, please contact GOCLEAN team.

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