GOCLEAN cleaning effect makes car owner satisfied

1. 360°comprehensive cleaning
2. More car service project can be done
3. Customers come back again and again


Water quality makes a lot when using steam to clean cars. Like: impure water will produce the scale after heated, especially the rust will effect cars’ color.

GOCLEAN using heat generator is to get rid of heating pipe block. As we all know, the instant steamer by heating water through a pipe which is easy to be blocked. No worry about too much pressure effect operation safety.

Although GOCLEAN's steam tubes are not at risk of clogging, researchers are still concerned about water quality and heating effects.

Car Fan R & D team studies into the GOCLEAN steam car washing machine research again, in order to make the best product quality and effectiveness. The following parts have been solved.

1. Raw materials replacement

2. Water tank inner structure design

3. A special soft water treatment device in 2017.

GOCLEAN parts updates:

Water generator:

The hard water after heated, generator easy to formed filth. Especially for the filth will effect water or steam color, so it won’t be very clear for car, like yellow spot on white car.

So choosing material is also important.

Used: GOCLEAN former models and competitors used to iron, 304 stainless steel; lower the heating efficiency.
Now: We use 316 L stainless steel for GOCLEAN, because of the 316 L is anti- corrosive than 304 stainless steel.

2. Water heater change:

Used: GOCLEAN former models used to use iron material heater, but this is easy to get rusted
Now: GCCLEAN use heater made from Tungsten to get ride of rust, heater life longer, no rust water.

3. Soft water solution device:

GOCLEAN car steamer using double filter systems to guarantee water quality. No water scale effects cleaning effect or explosion.

GOCLEAN steam car washer 4.0

Without any chemicals, GOCLEAN car steamer cleans your car like a new one. After this modification, GOCLEAN 4.0 steam car washing machine will also be steady. According to user’s suggestion to make a proper adjustment to achieve better customer satisfactory.