GOCLEAN is The steam washer master around you

1. 10 Safely devices
2. Only 25 L water to clean 1 car
3. Guns with wet steam for car cleaning at the same time


GOCLEAN 2.0 Steam Car Wash is an improved version of 1.0:

They thought the product will be a very good market and sale well, but GOCLEAN 1.0 sales are not satisfactory. After a lot of data analysis by Market Department, showed that: Many customers were reluctant to push GOCLEAN 1.0, because their customers are accustomed to hand wash or high-pressure clean technology, they wouldn’t change their mind to try new products. At last, the GOCLEAN1 hadn’t quickly spread, the market was ended.

With a belief of good steam car washer, Steven led the team back into the research.

In 2014, A new GOCLEAN 2.0 steam car washer was born, with 10 safety devices that greatly reduced customers’ safety concerns.

In February~ March 2012: Kingkar business team made a survey on existing customers and potential customers, it showed that customers doubted about the product safety and the cleaning effect.

In March 15, 2012 ~ March 20, 2012: Kingkar started a co-create event for improvement and innovation. The conference proposed the steam car washer 2.0 should be based on water conservation, cleaning effect and also the product safety.

Kingkar Eco-Technologies

kingkar's technical team

April 2012 ~ September 2013: The Car Fan research team dedicated to the improvement and innovation of a new generation products. Although, the product changed and changed; difficulties appeared timely, but the Car fan team has not given up. September 28, GOCLEAN 2.0's first prototype released.

Wet steam car washer
Used: just 1 wet steam, no dry steam. Only for car outside cleaning, no car exterior cleaning.
wet & dry steam car washer
Now: 2kinds steam: wet & dry steam. Enough pressure makes cleaning and scope effect more better. 2 person can handle cleaning together.
can afford 6kg pressure
Used: GOCLEAN 1.0 only can afford 6kg pressure
can afford 8kg-10kg pressure
Now: GOCLEAN 2.0 can afford 8kg-10kg pressure.
automotive steam cleaner GOCLEAN 2.0

The development of a new product not only requires constant new ideas but also a spirit of perseverance.

In October-November 2013: GOCLEAN 2.0 began the trial operation in a cooperative workshop.

In December 2013~January 2014: The Kingkar team did a customer feedback survey again and concluded.

In January-March 2014: GOCLEAN 2.0 steam car washer with 10 safety devices came into begin.

Kingkar is a platform ken on learning and brave for innovation, we welcome suggestions for the GOCLEAN brand and work together for its improvement . You are welcome to join us in exploring your local steam car wash market. The GOCLEAN brand will help you as much as possible.