Gentle cleaning method for your car——GoClean steamer

With the development of the times, we have more choices about car washing. Ordinary manual car wash is no longer the protagonist, instead it is a variety of automated car wash methods. Among them, the steam car washer is an ultra-gentle car wash equipment, and its advantages are mainly as follows.

First of all, the use of steam car washer to wash cars is more water efficient and there are no more pollutants discharged, which is very good for the development of our environment. The reason why  it has this advantage, mainly because its working principle. Steam car washer is a device that uses pressure and steam to clean a car, First, the combination of steam and dirt adhering to the surface of the car is used, and then the dirt is softened. The softened dirt will expand due to the structure, and then it will be separated from the surface of the car. Of course, when the washing machine stops working, we clean the remaining dirt and a little water stain with a clean rag. So far we have completed the entire steam car wash process.

Secondly, after reading the working process of the steam cleaning machine, we can also look at the many advantages of this cleaning machine.

1、 the device is basically not limited by the venue.

2、 investing in a steam car washer does not require much capital, which is good for entrepreneurs who are not well funded.

3、Energy saving and water saving. Only 2-5 liters water + 0.5 liter diesel = 0.5 dollar! for 1 car cleaning cost .No shampoo cost!

4、 GoClean steamer is car bacteria killer in car washing business.  we all know that the car is often in a state of non-ventilation, so disinfection, it has great benefits for our health, can prevent a variety of diseases.

The above is the introduction of the steam cleaning machine. Of course, there are many ways to wash the car. You can choose according to your own economic ability, hobbies and models.

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