//GOCLEAN COVID-19 Updates

Everybody in the world is getting very interested in preventing from viruses as COVID-19 has spread to all around the world. According to several reports from the reliable institutes including WHO, a temperature of 130°F (56°C) or greater is recommended to kill or deactivate most viruses. Also, Vapor heat (heating with air humidified by injection of steam) as well as dry heat is one of well-recognized methods for viral inactivation and removal.


During the COVID-19 breakout period, after the Chinese New Year all the colleagues worked at home, started from 11st, February the factory resume production and arranged for delivery, until 17th, March, all the colleagues back to office for working. Now we can deal orders, production and delivery as normal, let’s against COVID-19 together!

For GOLCEAN orders, email to sales@gocleansteamer.com or make a phone call to +86 138 7319 2942.
For GOCLEAN service, email to tech@gocleans.com or make a phone call to +86 189 4255 0932.

The GOCLEAN Steamer and COVID-19

For all of GOCLEAN machines, before shipment we will using GOCLEAN super dry steam do machine sterilization, include the machine and package.

Certainly, KINGKAR inspection department will do machine testing before shipping, view GOCLEAN 4.0 electric machine inspection process and GOCLEAN 6.0 diesel machine inspection process before delivery.


Coronaviruses can’t alive more than 30 minutes under the environment temperature is 56℃ (132.8℉), the higher temperature with less alive time. Regardless of temperature please follow ChinaCDC guidance for cleaning and disinfection (www.chinacdc.cn). Generally coronaviruses survive for shorter periods of time at higher temperatures and higher humidity than in cooler or dryer environments. However, we don’t have direct data for this virus, nor do we have direct data for a temperature-based cutoff for inactivation at this point. The necessary temperature would also be based on the materials of the surface, the environment, etc. Regardless of temperature please follow CDC’s guidance for cleaning and disinfection.

GOCLEAN using high temperature steam for cleaning and disinfection, the temperature inside of the machine reach 165℃ to 195℃, the temperature out the steam gun around 120℃.

As we know damp heat sterilization is more effective than dry heat because of its high permeability, some bacteria and virus cant’ stand high temperature.

The temperature of steam out from GOCLEAN machine is around 120℃, it can kill some bacteria and virus.

GOCLEAN apply to commercial and industrial using, such as car cleaning and sterilization, office building cleaning and sterilization, hospital cleaning and sterilization, aircraft cleaning and sterilization, restaurant cleaning and sterilization and so on.

Yes, in order to support against COVID-19, KINGKAR group with some special offer to customers before May, 2020. Such as longer Guarantee period, Free spare parts, Free machine and so on. For more details, please contact GOCLEAN for more details.

Nowadays the GOCLEAN production lines resumed normal operation, we can arrange for delivery and export in time. When the order quantity less than 5 machines, the lead time within 5 working days; when the order quantity more than 5 machines, the lead time within 20 working days.

1st, Kingkar will check with forwarder about the airline or shipping line are available,
2nd, Pay attention to the COVID-19 situations in the country of destination, know the government polices,
3rd, Find the reliable export and import agents for custom clearance, consult with customers about the delivery solution and deliver machine to customer in safe.