Being a distributor of Goclean and feel the warmth of home

China has already become one of the largest markets in the world in which many businessmen want to explore business opportunities, even to gain a firm foothold. John, a Saudi businessman, is no exception. But as we all know, the bigger the market is, the more complex it is. Foreign businessmen who do not understand the Chinese market and lost their money is not in the minority. Though John was not that miserable, his confidence had been greatly frustrated and he intended to return his own country.

It was a sad moment when he happened to know of Goclean’s agent business of KingKir group. Paula,a KingKir’s staff, contacted John on her initiative. John was very alert to Paula at the very beginning, but Paula was so gentle and patient. After having talks with Paula for some times, John gradually relieved himself. He thought that if he couldn’t be a business partner with Paula, then he would be a friend of her. So he told Paula his difficulties in doing business in China. Paula kept calming his mood. As long as John felt bad, Paula would help him out in the first place, John was so moved so he asked Paula why she would do this. Paula’s answer impressed him. She said, “I would never change my attitude though I realized that you may not be my business partner this time. Sometimes I think life is more than business.” Paula’s attitude made John very interested in her company. Then John began to know Goclean Car Steamer due to Paula’s recommendation. Paula told him it was also a good business to open the domestic market with Chinese products. John thought it was not a bad idea.

In this way, with the help of this sincere and gentle Chinese lady, John became the general distributor in Saudi Arabia of Goclean and made a lot of money.

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