Bacteria from your car is much more than you think!

As the pace of life accelerates, our daily travel is increasingly dependent on private cars. In our daily use of cars, many bacteria will breed. If you drive for one hour a day, can you imagine how much the bacteria in the car has on your health during this period of time?

A French health magazine conducted a survey and found that the number of bacteria in cars turned out to be 10 times than in toilets. Take the steering wheel as an example, there are more than 800 kinds of bacteria per square centimeter, while the toilet in the toilet has only about 80 kinds. Please see the detailed report below: The common bacteria in the car are mainly Staphylococcus, Bacillus cereus, Escherichia coli, and Legionella. After the bacteria invade the human body, it can cause various infections of the organs, such as gastrointestinal discomfort, lung disease, dizziness and nausea. The comfortable temperature and high humidity in the car create good environmental conditions for bacteria to multiply. Simple cleaning will not kill pathogenic bacteria in the car. Many bacteria, fungi and viruses will continue to multiply in the car and cause various diseases.

Do you know? Many parts of the car are hiding places for bacteria. The first is the storage compartment. When riding in the car, we often throw used tissues and food packaging bags in the storage compartment. After a period of time, the bacteria will quietly multiply. The second is the steering wheel. The steering wheel is the part where the owner’s hands touch mostly. Initially, the bacteria from the hands are transferred to the steering wheel, and the bacteria left on the steering wheel continue to grow, and the bacteria will attach to the hands after the owner drives again. This cycle goes back and forth, and the bacteria accumulate more and more. After the car owner leaves the car, it is very unhygienic for his hands to touch other items, especially food. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the sterilization of the steering wheel.

Besides, the most dirty thing in a car is the carpet. The carpet that comes with the car itself is basically integrated with the car, it is not easy to clean, and the growth of bacteria is difficult to suppress. If occasionally it is cloudy and the carpet is damp, it is a good time for bacteria to grow. What’s more, The air conditioner is the place that emits the most bacteria, because it not only touches the inside, but also comes into contact with the outside. After the impurities, dust, bacteria, and viruses in the air enter, they will remain on the filter element. If the air conditioner is turned on and has a peculiar smell, you should immediately pay attention to it, because this is the phenomenon of bacterial breeding and it shows that a lot of bacteria are breeding, which will directly affect human health.

What should we do if germs are coming? Sterilization! With GOCLEAN steam car washing machine, we don’t worry about bacteria threatening our health! GOCLEAN can get rid of dirt, bacteria and bad smells can be effectively killed. Goclean car wahing machine has dry and wet steam device, both clean the interior and exterior of the car, let bacteria disappear. The steam cleaning is a flexible cleaning. The principle of steam thermal degradation is used to combine, soften, inflate and separate the dirt adhering to the surface of the car with gentle steam, and then remove the remaining dirt and a few water stains with a clean rag. Steam cleaning helps In the protection of the paint, crevice cleaning, and low water content does not damage the circuit, can effectively clean the car engine, instrument panel, air conditioning and other parts; while steam washed, while drying, a process can be successfully cleaned the car, The operation is simpler and faster. Come on and get GOCLEAN, let every bacteria have no place to hide!

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