Attention! Water spray will give you a glistening engine but won’t start any more.

Did you pop open your hood and realize it’s been a while, perhaps years, that you last cleaned the engine compartment? Even never clean it before?

Maybe most of us only look under the hood when something is wrong (or to change the oil).

There’s dust, dry dirty, oil spill, leaks, etc… So now you want to clean it but you’re a bit worried it is safe or not if use water sprayer, will it make damage?

The engine compartment’s not designed for a lot of water, you could be getting water into areas where it shouldn’t be and it can cause corrosion, especially for some plastic parts or others,” says Faruki, chief instructor of motive power at BCIT’s school of transportation. “Sure, you’ll have people saying they do it all the time and have no problems, but you really have to be extremely careful.”

“Water could get into the alternator or the engine sensors, causing damage.

,If you’re really unfortunate, you could force water into the cylinders and cause huge damage.

” Faruki says. “While a modern electrical system should be able to keep out moisture –but water sprayer could cause trouble”.

Yes, A jet of soapy water, the foam brush and a quick rinse all get the engine clean – but you could end up with a glistening engine that won’t start, or worse.

So What’s the best way to go about it? To clean the engine compartment- Steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning can improve the safety of your car by making it clean with less water, will not cause damage to the circuit and the electrical systems. and it can eliminate gunk buildup in the nooks of the engine. A steam cleaned engine is generally more resistant to corrosive formations such as rust, clogs, and other problems that can reduce the life of engines.

Steam cleaning also improve the safety of your car by making it less vulnerable to engine fires. Remove the oil, steam detailing will ensure that oil leaks are spotted before they spread too far.

From other hand, it is something saving money, before having the engine problems detected early, before the spiral out of hanks and lead to costly repairs, By undergoing these services, your engine will look revitalized and feel like new again.

steam cleaning is a surefire way to revitalize its running capabilities and add years to its lifespan.

GOCLEAN car steamer is necessary for professional detailing including engine compartment cleaning.

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