Advantages of GOCLEAN steam car washing machine

With the continuous development of the economy, the rapid development of the automobile industry has led to the continuous improvement of the car wash service. The traditional car wash method is likely to be replaced by the steam car wash machine. Is the steam car wash machine easy to use? What is the effect? The following are some advantages of Goclean car wash machine.

1. The car can be washed very clean

Steam is used in the thermal decomposition principle, the soil has a natural thermal decomposition than cold water washing easier, rinse the soil, coupled with strong pressure on the high-pressure steam washing machine 20 kg, the car wash is even cleaner, almost no car It is not clean. The ability to clean the gaps is a highlight of the steam car washing machine. The gaps in the roof, the gaps after the trunk is opened, the gaps in the grille, etc, it can all rush out the hidden soil. This is a traditional car wash that can never be compared.

2. Car wash speed is fast

It takes about 10 minutes to wash a car in a skilled car wash. Why can it be so fast? First, the efficiency of the steam car wash itself is high. In addition, the steam car wash does not need to foam. This step only needs to wash the soil. Then take the cloth and scrub the dust. If you want to see it, you can go to the GOCLEAN website center ( see the car wash video, see the steam car wash and cold water car wash process and then you can compare it yourself.

3. Simple operation of equipment

The device is designed to be activated by one button, just press the power button to turn it on.

4. Low cost of car wash

Why can we save this? First, the steam car washing machine is very water-saving. It is enough to wash a car by about 2 liters. The traditional car wash requires at least 40 liters, and the car does not need to be foamed, which also reduces the cost. The labor cost is low, and the steam car wash can be done by one person. Of course, the efficiency of the two people is higher, but the traditional car wash requires at least two people to ensure efficiency, and the car wash time is at least half an hour.

5. No damage to the paint

Steam car wash does not cause any damage to the car paint. This is one of the advantages of steam car wash. The steam car wash is to wash the surface of the car body with high pressure steam, then wipe off the remaining fine sand with a damp cloth. Then wipe the whole body with a towel. It is not damaged at all. It is not like the unmanned car wash at the gas station. The hard and direct use of the cloth to sweep the dust of the car body. After the sweep, there will be countless small scratches on the car body. This is the testimony of many car owners. Otherwise, how can you not see a Mercedes-Benz BMW to go to no one to wash the car?

In addition, Goclean steam washing machine has additional personality functions, such as cleaning the engine, interior, sterilization, etc., which are quite easy to use and make money. It is a car wash method with broad prospects.

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