4 major trends in the car wash industry in 2021

With the steady improvement of our living standards, the number of cars in my country has increased rapidly, and car beauty has also developed immediately, and the car washing industry has become an indispensable service area. So what are the development trends of the car wash industry in 2021?

Environmental trend:

1. In recent years, the state has vigorously promoted “low-carbon, energy-saving, and environmental protection” technology industries and service projects, encouraged their development, and provided financial support.

2. Due to the waste of water resources and environmental pollution, traditional car wash models are increasingly restricted by national policies.

Unrestricted trend of cleaning area:

1. Steam car wash: almost unlimited.

2. Traditional car washing: greater restrictions and larger shops need to be rented.

Cleaning convenience trend:

1. Steam car wash: car wash takes 10 to 15 minutes, no need to wait, you can enjoy the best door-to-door car wash service without going out.

2. Traditional car washing: 30 minutes, scattered, often waiting in line, congested roads, no time, long distance and other inconvenience factors.

Management convenience trend:

1. Steam car wash: It adopts mobile internet management mode, mobile phone one-click reservation and order, no need to queue, on call, one person can easily manage it.

2. Traditional car wash: difficult management and high operating cost.

In summary, as people’s understanding of steam car washes deepens, steam car washes have become the first choice for door-to-door car washes, and there will surely be a broad market prospect in the future!

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